Task. Reduce a troops attk to zero

I’m confused over the fact that I reduced the troops. Yes troops. All four of em. But it didn’t give me the reward. Is it because I was using COCKATRICE and his reduction spell is only temp?

I feel like if it’s been reduced to ZERO. I’ve done my job. I mean if I absolutely have to use WH or OB then that’s fine too. But it has to be another way to direct that task.

Also I realize I was being lazy and didn’t even right bumper it as to see all those details.
Just a thought. It should apply to any troop that reduces skull points. If the task was done it was done. I’m done done with it. But…I’m not. I have to go get my DAWG now and sic him on someone. Cause you know I’d never use OB.

Just use warhound?

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Or plague or elemaugrim

Just put Warhound on any team, and assuming you’ve upgraded him ONE cast will finish the Task.

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Use warhound on an explore or challenge. Cast once on normal difficulty and you’re done. You can even retreat at that point. You don’t have to finish the fight.

I agree with all comments. But my question is still not answered. It’s because it’s a temporary spell right. It has to be WH or any of the others. Cause that is permanent.

I was just griping I guess cause I had to go attempt the task again. And the first order of the day for me is to finish all tasks. Love the feedback tho. I guess the question was kinda rhetorical.

It has to be a permanent reduction. The task even gives you 2 troops as an example on what to use (Owlbear and Warhound).

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Yep. I even brought that up in the OP. I just wish it worked both ways. I’m bias to that Cockatrice. I’m from the south!

But in no way do I condone animal fighting. Except here on awesome GOW. I find them to be beautiful creatures .