Perma ban thiefs

Please if there is any Devs around . There is a gemmer that was in our guild that requested to swop gifts with guild mates so one of our members generously send 30 gifts to this member and never received the gifts back. At the time this thief’s name was ******but now has left our guild without returning those gifts and joined another guild called the ******** and changed his / her gems name to ******* and then to *******. Please is there a way we can get this thief permanently banned from Gems of war as it is not good sportsman ship to steal from your guild mates. Have also been informed by another Guild Master that this person done the same in their guild


Moral of the story don’t trade “gifts”.
It’s not the intent. Gifts should be given with zero necessity on giving back.
Liars are bad… This is an online video game. Don’t trust the words of a stranger.

He or she is shitty for doing it. But the devs would be complete hypocrites for punishing players for lying then they themselves commit the same sin almost weekly as of late.


Come on! Devs will for SURE not have time babysitting players like this. Just block player and move on.


This is a call out, which is not permitted by community rules. You have a problem with a player, contact the devs by dm.


I have never given a gem gift and expected one in return. Sure some do it but I think it is intended to be a way a GM can reward top performers or just guild mates that have gems helping ones that don’t perhaps. An old wiseman said that givers are happier than takers. Not a big deal really.

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I don’t fully understand trading gifts - seems kind of expensive to get those so you even have something to trade.

Anyway, if you do it and it’s not a friend you know and trust, don’t send 30 gifts. Send 1 and wait for the return gift.

Not wanting to add insult to injury but your player made it easy for the scammer to make a huge profit.

Of course that person is terrible for doing that, and I think it should be allowed to warn others, but the moral of the story should be to be careful and to not trust strangers on the internet.