PAX WEST Developer Meetup


Yes you read that correctly, our fearless leaders Nimhain and Sirrian will be at Pax West this year!

The first 8 people to find them will score these gorgeous Gems of War concept art books.

I’ll be releasing a meeting time and place for this meet up soon. :slight_smile:


I want it!! Please make more and sell them i would buy for sure


I’m sure it would be a good marketing strategy to sell kits/bundles with shirts, artbooks, mugs, keychains, brooches in a small on-line store.


I know, right? The only Gems of War item actually worth spending money on… and it’s not for sale… terrible


A time and place has been set! If you’d like to meet Sirrian and Nimhain, you can on Saturday. They will be on level 6, to the left of the escalators at one. (Near the food stand!)


Hoping they visit Europe some time… preferably London… :frowning:


I will be there… i will be the guy in a purple hat n trench coat. (of course naked underneath):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I thought for a moment this was gonna be a ‘Where’s Wally/Waldo?’ thing… :disappointed::laughing: