Path to Glory 3

I hate raid boss so much I’m willing to pay real money to not have a reason to play that mode.

A path to glory with Ingots and orbs, ending the month with an orb of power and sometime during the month at least one orb of ascension and one major orb of ascension.

These shouldn’t be random orbs where we get stuck with worthless orbs of growth and wisdom, or almost worthless orbs of clans. They should be real orbs that we know what we’re getting, not random “aw shucks, you lose” chaos orbs.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Buyable power orbs is a complete contradiction to the leaderboard system. There’s no reason to chase the leaderboard or craft orbs of power of they are outright buyable.

Ascension orbs won’t be buyable either. The devs well know that this is the most desirable orb of the four and intentionally set the drop rate for one to be very low. This is a gating mechanism designed to greatly slow players’ progression and to encourage chasing the orb of power at the top of leaderboard. The devs are not going to defeat their own design decision here by allowing ascension orbs to be buyable.

I’m not going to disagree with you on this, but this is the design decision that the devs decided to implement in the game and they are committed to it at this point. I’m not a personal fan of the devs deciding to triple down on gacha mechanics, but that is what Gems is embracing. Like most gacha systems, the player will lose the vast majority of the items on random rolls. This is working exactly as designed, unfortunately.


I do agree that the orb of growth is practically useless, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that the orb of wisdom is worthless. For early to mid level players, these orbs can allow them to gain expensive traits for their creatures (especially mythic traits.) Just because something is worthless to you that doesn’t mean it’s worthless to everyone.

Yeah, I completely agree with this.

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You’re right. I’ve had millions of souls and stockpiles of every traitstones. It’s easy to forget what it’s like before you get to that point.

Because of rates of progression I don’t see how there will ever be a surplus of ingots for someone to fully upgrade all weapons. So that’s not even a realistic goal I guess.

They would never do that. They want the “people supporting the game” to continue buying their leader board spots and extra turn access to these greedy events.