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New Path to Glory ever?

I would like to see a more endgame oriented ‘path to glory’ in the offers tab. I am at a stage where the traitstones aren’t useless but not ideal and easily attainable. Same with Ingots.
But I need Mythics, Deeds and pet food to progress.
Maybe a new path to glory, with deeds, pet food, jewels, imperial deeds would go a long way to help us catch up quicker, while pulling in some extra money. The paths are every 30days so it can’t be mega spammed.


This makes sense. For me the entire problem with the store is it is stale. Nothing in it is a value or useful.

Their store reminds me of a yard sale/flea market where a hoarder is trying to sell trash from their yard with a 5000% markup.

30 days of deeds with a decent amount of imperials on day 30.

30 days pet food with an amount of a random pet on day 30.

30 days of random doom scrolls to temper doom weapons with a random doom weapon on day 30.

Just something decent. This stuff isn’t hard. All they seem to care about is selling gems for events.

I want to give them my money, I just don’t have anything worth while to spend it on.


Pet food yes, doom scrolls yes, deeds no. If you make deeds easily attainable for $$$ it would scream pay to win. Please no.

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Much of what you are asking for has been decided by the devs to be grind-heavy intentionally to achieve.

Need Mythics? Path to Glory II gives you a random unknown mythic already. Need a SPECIFIC unowned mythic? Buy diamonds from the daily dungeon offers (there are gem-based and real currency based offers daily) to craft the desired mythic when it is available in the Soulforge.

Need Pet Food? Do more pet rescues. Vault weekends are a great time to grind pet food.

Need Deeds? Well… everyone needs deeds right now. There’s no quick fix to that problem, as deeds are meant to be a very, VERY long term grind per the devs. As of 5.1, the best anyone can do is to check the daily Adventure Board and Daily Deals to see if any Deeds are on offer that day.

That made me laugh, as it’s a great analogy for the Daily Deals board. Everyone is searching the flea market for that one gem (deeds) that may or may not be present in the market that day. I can say from personal experience, that this behavior appears to be intentional from my perspective.

That’s also by intentional design (the high markup, that is). The game has what I like to call a Standard Progression Rate, which is loosely defined by the restricted number of deeds and other top end resources that a given out monthly in the Adventure Board. Via offers of various sorts, it is possible for players for advance at a rate faster than the Standard Progression Rate. However, doing so is VERY expensive, by design. This is generally standard practice in gacha-based games. It is up to each player to decide if they want to put in the effort/costs to advance faster than the Standard Progression Rate or not.

No one currently (outside the devs) knows what the plan is with elemental forging scrolls. Once upon a time, the word was that there were going to be Tower of Doom reruns to obtain more forging scrolls as weekend events. But, that hasn’t materialized yet. As far as the tea leaves read, that still seems the path the devs want to take regarding obtaining additional forging scrolls in the future.

Personal take here, and this is a position that I’ve solidly stood on for a long time now, but from my perspective the Daily Deals board appears to be direction the devs want to go with offering players additional high-end resources. Maybe at some point the devs will offer players ways to either “upgrade” the chances of better things appearing on the board or grant additional daily offers as a way to offer additional purchasable offers to players that want to engage with them. In either case, I expect the offers to remain expensive by design.

Yes I can get mythics from Path to Glory II, but that is simply put paying premium money purely for the mythic when the other resources aren’t valuable and the campaign has shown that mythics shouldn’t be THAT expensive. A path to Glory III however…

I don’t mind grinding for things to help me to catch up. But the issue is I cannot grind for most of these items. I cannot grind Writs or Deeds which means myself and especially new players can NEVER be competitive as by the time we get to the high team scores of 16/17k the new cap will be 20k.
If I can never catch up and be competitive because of an artificial resource scarcity. Then what’s the point in trying?
I understand veterans have to feel special and unique and get upset when things are equal. But most games do run catch up mechanics every couple of years. Usually some new resource to grind while the older one is made abundant. Or an expansion and level cap increase type of scenario.
Obviously the Devs opted against this with the introduction of the deed books, so I’m concerned the game will grow very stale for myself if I can only progress with 1~level of a kingdom every couple of months.

The books of deeds are exactly the catch up mechanic you speak of. They are right now a rock solid roadblock for all endgamers. Normal deeds will eventually become worthless to endgamers while still needing books. You will be earning the same # of books as endgamers in the meantime by whatever means the devs intend to distribute them.

The devs decided awhile ago that they aren’t going to do “catch-all” bundle purchases or subscriptions anymore. Shops like the Daily Deal shops are of the type of offers they want to make to players these days. While they always could (after all, they program the game), I really don’t see them offering anything a bundle like that in-game given their current direction towards player-oriented purchases.

The vast majority of Teamscore is comprised of permanent stat points, of which most are earned by getting all of the kingdoms to Level 10 and Power 10. This is no small feat, by any stretch of the imagination. But it will get a player close enough to the max current Teamscore to be statistically insignificant outside of things like top bracket Guild Wars battles where every single point matters. That can be achieved without using a single deed or writ. The balance of stat points in the game come from either Underworld renown (small number of points) or using writs and deeds to raise kingdoms to Level 15. At this point, the topmost players maybe are approaching half of their kingdoms reaching Level 15.

Deeds and writs are intentionally extremely limited to put a giant wall up so that end-gamers can’t run away with the meta and to allow everyone else to catch up.

Orbs of Wisdom are a very significant tool for players to catch up with the meta, which drop fairly commonly and are nigh useless to end-gamers. Any end-gamer here can post how many dozens or hundreds in some cases of useless Orbs of Wisdom they have.

There’s plenty of progression with kingdoms weekly, just not all in one kingdom at a time. This week alone has been HUGE with Zaejin reaching Power 20, Dragon’s Claw reaching Power 14, and Zhul’Kari leaping to Power 15 with the release of the new faction, Eldrazhor. NONE of these new kingdom stars required using deeds or writs.

For your convenience, according to known spoiler information, here is the currently expected timetable of kingdom Power advancement for the next two months (subject to change at any time, per any dev decision to do so:

Spoiler tags on for those who do not want to be spoiled on such information.


That’s a pretty busy list of requirements to keep up with for those on the top of the meta.

I believe someone even wrote a tool to assist players with optimizing their kingdom growth given the status of their account. I don’t use it personally, but if another kind forum user would like to post the link for Cairsno to the tool, that would be much appreciated.

TL;DR: The game isn’t far enough into the deed meta for deeds and writs to make a significant difference to the endgame meta outside of the top brackets of Guild Wars. Achieving Power 10 and Level 10 in all kingdoms will generate Teamscores that are plenty sufficient for top-end play (again, perhaps excepting top-end Guild Wars).

Though I agree with you, I can’t help but feel that the devs spend so much time creating resource-sinks, that they have forgotten about new players. I consider myself an endgame player. But this time last year, just getting 2 gems as tribute was a big deal for me. Now I can get 15 and be disappointed.

I pity anybody that starts playing now. Events used to give event weapons for gems. Now, the only way to get most event weapons is with diamonds. The only way to reliably get a particular mythic is with diamonds. If a new player wants to get an event weapon to help with events, they are gimping their progress towards a mythic.

I now have 20 kingdoms locked behind level 20 pets. Yet with every new pet, my chances of getting one I need gets reduced. Sure, I get 3-4 pet deals a week. Which helps. But it’s even worse for new players, that don’t have the gems to waste on them.

It’s the same for ascended troops. With every new release, it gets harder for newer players to get the ones they need to progress. The various pools get diluted, with no real way to get the desired items without gimping yourself. Sure, you can craft the legendary you need for progress, but then you reduce the progress you make towards a mythic.

Most gacha games I’ve played, will offer something to new players to help them get up to speed faster. Either a calendar that rewards a rare hero after 7 days of login, or a gacha-system that guarantees new players a rare hero to use.

Yet GoW has none of those. Sure, mythics are not needed to have success. But as the rarest troop, they make for a nice carrot. Event weapons might be useless too most, but for a new player they can be a nice help.

The game has about 50 mythics. Surely they can get a selection of 5 different, low-tier mythics to offer new players. Play for 7 days, choose a mythic to help out. On the start of a new world event: We notice you have less then 5 eligible legendary weapons. Here, choose 1 of these 3 to help out. Yet nothing. Only more gem sinks, which are of no help to new/midgame players.

TLDR: I feel the devs focus to much on endgame players, and are leaving newer players in the dust.

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This is a great tool and help!