Pandaska Glitch

There’s a glitch in the code with this card, his first trait says:


How are you even seeing that? Is he in your “unowned” troops list? He isn’t supposed to be released until the 26th (or maybe the 19th if they have the Shentang event next week).

I’m playing the quest now, and he is one of the opponents. I’m on Xbox


Oh, that makes sense. Haven’t played the quest yet. They’ll probably get his trait fixed by the time he’s released.

Another guy came out new… ultimate support… he gives 4 magic to his allies

That would be Emperor Liang. He’s available now if you have the luck to pull him from Glory or Gem chests.

Which platform is this? Xbox or PS4?

Idk about ps4 but it’s like that on xbox definitely.

And yes, that emperor is filthy, definetly my first to kill, his skill is not one shot, he can keep using it, that’s gonna suck in pvp, I can only imagine the combos coming because of him.

I want the panda because he will be named Poe… like kung fu panda