TBD on new release cards

XBOX is getting TBD on the new cards since the hero class event Friday no info just TBD assumed someone already reported but I not seeing no complaints, hope it resolved soon as many whining bad lol

Thanks ,

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I get the same thing on Xbox, restarting wont do a thing either.

Dont waste your time:
Changing language
Deleting save / cache

None of these worked.

As an additional data point, I see spell descriptions on the new cards (PC/mobile), so it’s limited to console players.

Hey everyone, I’m sorry about this! :frowning: In most situations deleting save data/reinstalling etc will help. In this particular circumstance the issue won’t be resolved with these steps where it usually would be.

This problem is caused by the way Microsoft handles the downloading of our assets. They just aren’t mean to be. :broken_heart: The team are working on a fix and it should be out within a few hours.

The team have pushed out a fix, please restart your game to see this!

ty it fixed except the new weapon of ursaka still dont have all the information on it

We have taken note of this. Please let us know any other troops or weapons affected so we can manually fix them.

I had kinda hoped that regarding the horrendous new jumble the enemy epic troop (Baial?) , TBD meant ‘To Be Deleted’. No such luck :cry: