Overkill! Cosmetic embellishment

Y’know all those extra souls we have because we can’t be bothered to level up troops we think are worthless?

Plus there are those growth orbs. Yeesh.

How about a completely cosmetic upgrade that provides more entertainment than do-nothing pets?

Introducing Overkill!
When you toast that 1 remaining life by turning the entire board into doomskulls.
When you wipe out an entire team with a single AOE attack.
When the enemy never gets a turn because they’re just goo between the toes of your goblins.

The souls of the dead scream in a victorious bloodlust at the spectacle of others suffering such ignominy. Spend them to subscribe to:
Custom death animations!
Cutscenes instead of thermometers or spinning blobs! (or spinning boobs as my autocorrect insists)
Screensavers for your gaming downtime!

No, I haven’t had enough to drink. But I keep wanting acknowledgement for my spectacular kills.

Make it happen. By April fool’s Day? Next year?


I’m going save the dev’s some time and tell you what they tend to tell everyone else when they have an idea about how to spend ingame res. they’d have to find a way to monetize it and with souls being a dime a billion I don’t see them giving us something like that for just souls I love the idea of custom death animations and more flashy attack displays but I doubt souls would be the thing we use to get them

Cuz we all need another way to slow down gameplay

Oh, I know they need to monetize it. But there’s always an alternate currency.
Gems, glory, diamonds… Why not souls as the alternate currency?

As far as slowing down the game, you didn’t read my post carefully. Many options would have no change on battle speed. It’s all in the transition time.

And, like armor, it could be toggled off or swapped for some other option.