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What if every troop had the option to be upgraded with souls after it is Mythic and L20, but each troop could not go up more than +1 in every skills using this method. And it needs to be expensive, in the end it is just a way for players who has tons of souls, just to use them, also stones could be used too, but I made an example with souls under here. Max skills a troop can have doing this is just +1 to every stats, so it is not significant, but at least its good to have an option spending the souls.

Stats | Costs
+1 Magic for a troop = 300K souls
+1 Attack for a troop = 150K souls
+1 Life for a troop = 100K souls
+1 Armor for a troop = 100K souls

All skills maxed total = 650K souls

Just an example above…

I hope people likes my idea.

I like this, but would take it even further to offer endless progression. Troop must be mythic ascension and level 20 to qualify.

After that, +1 to all skills costs 1M souls. The next +1 on the same troop costs 2M souls, then 3M, and so on. So sure, you could get a troop +5 to all skills beyond level 20, if you have fifteen million spare souls lying around. And that’s only one troop.

Infinite progression means infinite incentive to keep going and gathering resources. And the hard scaling means it would take a lot of effort to keep going, but you can keep going forever. Plus we would finally have an end game use for souls.

Not sure if I understand what you are saying. Have the option in the very end to give some of our favourite troops +1 in some of their skills by using tons of souls is not game breaking, and I don’t even look at it as an endless progression, it is all about priority, and which troop(s) you would give the +1 skill to, if you have the extra souls available.

I’m in favor of it. I’d just like to have the endless option with hard scaling beyond +1 to all.

Yeah, but I don’t understand, that this is an endless option? I doubt anyone gonna aim to get enough souls to get all their troops with the +4 extra skills, thats too expensive, this is more based around picking out those few favourite troops to spend the extra souls on. Also there could be some way to use the stones by upgrading those skills as well, based around a troops mana colors. It would be nice to get rid of some.

At this very moment, I have close to 4 million souls. Every troop I own is mythic except the most recent ones, all of them are fully traited. Your idea would give me what I would consider an unfair advantage over virtually every other player in the game. Is that really what you were suggesting should happen?

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So pretend I said precisely what RiverSong said, and then add:

And this would have the additional effect of making me feel silly for investing suchly and then ever switching troops or teams.