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Order of tokens

It’s a minor thing, but why are the tokens in a completely random order in the selection menu?
Going left to right we have L-Event-E-C-R-U-M which doesn’t make any sense, and going to top bottom it’s L-E-R-M-Event-C-U.
It’s almost as if someone took up the challenge to make sure no token was next to one that is one rarity higher or lower (and failed).
I would really appreciate if these could be put in some kind of logical order.

My medals appear in order of rarity? Not sure what you mean. If you have 0 of something they show last.

I think OP might be talking about the token layout on the left, unless that also resorts based on quantity? I have lots at 0 right now, and it seems out of order from that respect: Gaard, then Cedric, Seasons, then Nysha :man_shrugging:

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Sorry, I meant the tokens on the left as Magnusimus pointed out.
Quite frankly I find the medal/badge ordering also not very convenient, but at least there is a system to it.
As far as I can tell the tokens do not move around.

I’m away from my box and unable to test, but I did notice that the tokens I listed before (all being at “zero owned”) are in an ascending order of rarity: common, then ultra-rare, epic, then mythic.

So my guess would be:
IF OWNED: sort from highest rarity to lowest.
IF UNOWNED: sort from lowest rarity to highest.

Which, of course (if this is correct), would make the middle all sorts of weird as acquiring tokens of any kind would shuffle things around a bunch, especially because things drop to “0” so often by evolving into the next thing.