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Not owned Mythics showing at the bottom

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
When I sort my Troops by “Amount” and select “Show All”, I always saw troops that I don’t own first, at the top, and that was nice, so I can easily know what I’m missing. It’s been this way until maybe 2 weeks ago: While most not owned troops still show up at the top, except for Mythics, which show at the very bottom of the list (and that’s a bit annoying since there’s no single button to scroll all the way to the bottom).

I’d like to request that not owned Mythics would show up top again when you sort by Amount and select the option “Show All”.


I had the even more mysterious case of having one of two event troops be at the top and the other not be… (I assume it was at the bottom).

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Whats more, the last two troops that I had confirmed being at the bottom of the list when sorted by amount also did not display the “new” tag when I got first got them (Infernal King and Kruarg). Seconded that having all missing troops at the at the top of the amount list was much better so you can easily see what you still need with a few clicks.

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Jainus and I also had Kruarg not display as “NEW” when first acquired.

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I remember that this happened to me recently, probably with Kruarg, but I’m not sure.

Unowned horsemen are showing at the bottom for me. Draakulis is at the top where he should be, but I’m having the same problem