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Sort chest contents to show unascended troops

Please can we change the UI / sorting code when opening multiple chests at once, to sort the list to prioritise troops which the user has not yet ascended to Mythic grade.

Thus sort order would be:

  • New troops (by base rarity then A-Z)
  • Base mythics (A-Z)
  • Unascended troops (by base rarity then A-Z)
  • Other troops (by base rarity then A-Z)
  • resources

For lower tier and new players there’d be no noticeable difference.

But for me (and high tier players generally) I get to see immediately if I get the troops I need - for example this week I may open 20,000 gold chests - useful to see at a glance if I get any crabs without having to scroll slowly left through the list all the time.

Seems easy enough, please can we have it done?


Neat idea!
I’d find that useful too!

Added to the project backlog!


Edited to prioritise base Mythics - always nice to know we get those!