Any good team from my collection

)Hello Guys,

I picked up some nice Legendaries and Mythics, but when I try to google for some teams I am always missing some troops for the team to be effective.

Could you look at my collection (I linked my account) and help me out. Very appreciated.

Thank you.

I think you’ve shared a link to your collection, but with the boxes for “count hidden troops” and “count unobtained troops” both ticket. The link just shows all troops in the game - obviously not your collection.

If you scroll down below the resources on the right hand side of the page, you can find and untick the two boxes, then using the “tools” option at top of the page (under “collection”), you can share your collection as a web page. Try that and hopefully we should be able to see the troops you have :slight_smile:

btw you can type “>0” in “Level” column to see what troops he own

thank you for your reply, I checked and those 2 boxes are unticked. So not sure why it show even the not owned troops.

I tryed what jzg proposed and works. Thanks

Anyone can look into it and suggest best pvp/farming teams? I have 2 mythics but I think they are not the best ones.

Try Hero with Spark Rocket 2.0.16, Glaycion, Apothecary, Sheggra with either Merlantis banner or just green/blue one

@crazym1234 try,

The great maw
infernal king

Hope this helps