REQUEST: Sort by base rarity

I’d find this pretty useful as I often forget what is Rare and what is Ultra-Rare. I’ve foolishly ascended them mostly to Epic.



Yeah, this feature would be very useful. I like to see which base legends are close to mythic so I know what event weeks to aim for, but all other non-base legends show as well.

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Good idea.

Yep +1 for this…

Agreed said ten characters

Nihil novi sub sole…
A broader subject - unfortunately I don’t think devs addressed that issue :frowning:

Of course +1 from me :slight_smile:

It would make it easier to efficiently disenchant, say, extra mythic copies of base ultra-rare and below troops, for those at that stage.

I agree! It would be very useful!

I agree, also it would be nice if every card had one of the small letters C-R-U-E-L for its base rarity in the corner, or so.

Agreed as an addition to the already available sort by (ascended) Rarity.

if a reverse option was put in, it could replace the z to a…

Sort by level, it’s not a prefect rarity filter, but not bad…in the meantime at least.

+1. I total agree.

I think you misunderstand OP’s request. Base rarity != Rarity reversed. Base rarity is rarity before ascensions.

Not confused at all. It would be nice to have both features.

  1. Remove z to a.
  2. Add base rarity in its place and
  3. Add a check box for reverse. It would a z to a, lvl 1 to 20, common the legendary current, common to legendary original, etc.

I see… still not sure why you even brought up A to Z in this thread then. Random…

It would a z to a, lvl 1 to 20, common the legendary current, common to legendary original, etc.

Thanks for the examples of what “reverse” means. :laughing:

EDIT: By the way, I agree, both features would be nice to have. Hence why I :heart:'d your post about reverse sort.

I know that the devs look at how much screen space stuff takes up. On phones the sort list is really long. So by adding a reverse option, it allows for another entry in the list of sorts.


Not sure if this should be used as a different option from sort by current Rarity, but I’ve come to a point when all the troops are epic, legendary or mythic, and sorting by current Rarity doesn’t help at all.

Any plans to implement sorting by base rarity? Thank you!


We still need searches for:

  • Inverse option for every option to reduce spam clicking
  • Base Rarity
  • Durability (HP+Armor)
  • 2x Mana Types