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Token rarity and explore level

Just a simple feature request, really. We know Gem Keys do not drop any troop less rare than UR (ultra-rare). Gem keys wouldn’t drop common or rare troops, is what I mean.

Similar to that, we shall have Explore at level 12 Boss Chest should not drop tokens of a lesser rarity - like those of Gaard and Yasmine. I hope this gets noticed, and better yet addressed.


I can’t find old posts on drop rates right now, but the drop rate for lower rarity tokens reduces as difficulty level increases, so Orpheus tokens have a higher drop rate in Explore 12 than Gaard and Yasmine.

I don’t think the devs will change this so that Gaard and Yasmine’s rates are zero.

While I think Nysha drop rates are still too low, I’m not unhappy with relativity of Gaard/Yasmine/Orpheus at Explore 12.


I understand the drop rates, friend. As you pointed out, I am indeed asking for 0% drop rates for Gaard and Yasmine tokens at E12 level.

I don’t get as distraught at not pulling Nysha tokens at E12 as when I pull Gaards and Yasmines.

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If the current drop rate is:
C -——R -—UR -—-E -—-L -—M
18% - 23% - 40% - 12% - 5% - 2%

Then I think it would make sense to adjust the rates to rather be:

15%, 20%, 40%, 15%, 7%, 3%

Or this instead if the devs wanted to be most generous and thought the economy could handle it — I don’t think two 0s on the lower band will ever happen):

10%, 20%, 35%, 20%, 10%, 5%


Zeroes may happen if we ask with more optimism. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I gave the example of gem keys.


If there are zeroes for percentage chances for Anu and Nysha tokens up to some Difficulty level, why can’t there be zero chances for Gaard and Yasmine tokens beyond certain level. It only seems common sensical to me.

Can you take a look at this @Saltypatra … Thanks in advance.

I liked the other topic that added more difficulty levels that increased the drop rates of the higher end and naturally lowered the bottom end…

0% lower rarity would be awesome, but I just don’t see them doing it


It’s obvious what that table is trying to say and confirms our feelings. The token grind is simply “cruel man”.


You mean this one?

I also agree with the suggestion in that thread. Especially the one in post #5. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for showing us that post. :slight_smile:

However I feel I must point out that my request is not exclusively to buff the percentage chances for higher rarity tokens, rather to totally remove percentage chances for Gaard and Yasmine tokens beyond a certain difficulty level - say beyond level 8.

IMO the drop rates of tokens should be same for all the difficulties and should reflect the ratio of each troop rarity. For example if there are 850 troops in the game, and 50 of them are mythic ones, then the chance of getting the Nysha token should be 50 / 850. Similar for the other ones.

I do not understand, why lower difficulties have no chance to get Nysha. Even low end players can have mythic troops, so why not to give them a chance to upgrade them.

For those who will argue that if the token distribution is the same for all difficulties, people will just farm low ones, I would like to remind, that give us much fever mythstones and because of that we need to play more full explore runs to get to the mythic.

As for number of tokens rewarded I would go this way. Level 1 25% chance, Level 2 50% chance, level 4 100 % chance to get 1 token. Levels 5 - 8: 1 guarantied token plus 25 - 100 % for the second one. Level 9 - 12: the same with 2 guarantied tokens.