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Buff Nysha/Anu drop rates

It’s kind of silly that I don’t even have to farm for souls because the drop rate is abynissmal.


Or let us craft them from lower rarity medals/tokens


Add 13-20 levels of difficulty in explore and up the drop rates appropriately…


It would only favor the veterans, when I found myself do lv500 delve just like lv200, it’s about strategy, not stats.

I got bored and decided to extend the current datamined drop rates to a hypothetical 13-20th difficulty.

Diff C R U E L M
13 0.16 0.22 0.39 0.135 0.065 0.03
14 0.14 0.21 0.38 0.15 0.08 0.04
15 0.12 0.20 0.37 0.165 0.095 0.05
16 0.10 0.19 0.36 0.18 0.11 0.06
17 0.08 0.18 0.35 0.195 0.125 0.07
18 0.06 0.17 0.34 0.21 0.14 0.08
19 0.04 0.16 0.33 0.225 0.155 0.09
20 0.02 0.15 0.32 0.24 0.17 0.10

Also for kicks, I made some assumptions about what the token drop rates would be, leading to the following list of expected dropped tokens per boss fight:

Diff # Tokens C R U E L M
13 2.6 0.416 0.572 1.014 0.351 0.169 0.078
14 2.7 0.378 0.567 1.026 0.405 0.216 0.108
15 2.8 0.336 0.56 1.036 0.462 0.266 0.14
16 2.9 0.29 0.551 1.044 0.522 0.319 0.174
17 3 0.24 0.54 1.05 0.585 0.375 0.21
18 3 0.18 0.51 1.02 0.63 0.42 0.24
19 3 0.12 0.48 0.99 0.675 0.465 0.27
20 3 0.06 0.45 0.96 0.72 0.51 0.30

Is this likely to happen? No, but a guy can dream…


explore actually looks playable by explore 20…

Yeah. I’m not thrilled by the fact that we still get less than 0.5 Nysha tokens per run, but if compromise means that everyone is halfway happy, I guess I could live with those numbers I basically pulled out of my behind.

This is great. Add in the level of the opponent; gold multiplier; and submit this to dev’s for approval. :wink:

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I will still advocate for merging medals before creating a bigger difficulty curve simply because it doesn’t change the game at all. You will just make everyone farm E20 instead of E12 and use lethal damage. We need an edit that will engage people not in the end game more with regards to medals.

I can stand on your side that Nysha’s are a problem but I don’t want Explore being so stat buffed that it becomes a lethal damage or armor strip only mode. Right now you can still make teams that are true damage, skullspam, or boost based team that can still effectively tackle E12 despite a slower rate. This variety will likely vanish if the enemy stats are boosted x2 higher.


Reasonable points being made all around, here!

What happened to you all?


That wouldn’t help because the ratio would be ten to one to upgrade.

I’ve explored a lot and yet still have only 2 nysha badges and not a single medal. When I equate that with 1 x XP boost rate, it’s not an attractive option. Pvp has double class boost and makes more sense. Token drops in explore should be related in some way to battles fought, not pure RNG. I’ve heard of folks who’ve fought less explore than me who have 12 or more nysha medals. That’s just plain ridiculous

The Nysha drop rates are not equal across all difficulties, so if you and others are not using the same difficulty setting you will have different experiences.

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I only fight on lvl 12 so that just amplifies how unfair this is


I kinda doubt that. Unless they are paying for them because they have been for sale several times.


Nope. Same investment (zero) same game count.

What sort of numbers are on your mind?

Just for the sake of information, here are my latest statistics (all for E12, of course):


Yeah they buffed it alright. It’s got a 100% drop rate today for 50 bucks on the ps4. Whuuuuuuuut


With respect your’re numbers are irrelevant based upon my experience and that of others. Spreadsheets based on randomness prove zero

I think an easier request for the devs outside of changing the drop rate is to at least make explore lol 12 should be 3 tokens, not 2 or 3.

I have gotten a couple nysha tokens this weekend, but it would be nice to actually get enough tokens for the troop upgrades as well.