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Orb of power+Vault key in Legendary Tasks

Be nice to see one of these pop up in LT tasks. Orb of power. Because we do get Mythic troops. Also Vault key. Because we also get Legendary troops. Orb gives your choice of Mythic. Vault key chance of vault troop. Including the Legendary


Vault Key as a super rare drop, Orb of Power no, maybe some minor orbs as the super rare drop. Orb of Power should remain the long term chase/crafting bottleneck for Zuul’Goth (currently taking an absurd amount of time to gather the resources to craft, but adding more ways to actually obtain orbs might actually make him possible) - I’m not sure these were ever intended to be actually used for their stated purpose by anyone able to obtain them except for the literally 1 in tens of thousands getting the top leaderboard reward as this is currently the only way to obtain one without crafting it for more than the total cost of the components. Legendary tasks are intended to be a gold sink to prevent people from pushing too far past the bubble that they consider the main game economy, anyways.

But also be careful what you wish for asking them to rebalance any reward table - you might not like the outcome.


Definitely… LTs need to get some more love after the gem nerf!

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the only real problem is the orb of growth you need 480 of these and if you catch a major growth it save you 20 minor, the 2 other orbs only need 3 or 4 minor to craft a major

I suspect that orbs of growth appear more frequently than orbs of clans/wisdom/ascension. This is based off a small sample, though, so I may be mistaken.

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Agree,that is really good idea

It’d always be nice to see more rewards, but it’s not likely to happen.