Anyone crafted a power orb yet?

I only need 3 major blue for my first one, anyone already crafted it? Or what do you need?

I’m not sure why you would craft one. Wait until you can craft Zuul’Goth to do the Orbs of Power, in case there are orbs you want to use before then. It would be disappointing if you wound up not being able to get a troop to Mythic because you converted your orbs of ascension earlier. (Yes, the Orb of Power will do that, but it will also so far more, and possibly an unnecessary amount. Not to mention that you want to be saving those Orbs of Power anyway.)


Yeah not sure if i will craft it when i get it, it was more to get time estimation to know how long for each power orbs

I thought someone multiple someones did the math already and got several years.

Well it also depend of luck and what you catch with major orb of chaos, if you catch more major green you will save lot of time


That sounds like something @mithran would do…

Cliff notes:

With the greater orb of growth on every subsequent reward table, you can go under a year with good luck and getting every other possible greater orb to get Zuul’Goth. With no “bonus” greater orbs given like that, closer to two years for Zuul’Goth. Then exponentially longer if you don’t get greater orbs at all, but down to 2 years if the greater orb of growth is consistent every event and you can get the second to the last guild reward tier and 15th Bounty tier every time they appear. But then later there was an offhand dev comment made that the rewards tables change from week to week, so that this week’s greater growth orb may not carry into future weeks… which makes things uncertain. Having that guaranteed greater orb there drastically lowers the path to Zuul’Goth by removing the most extreme bottleneck, which has a lot more impact on people that are not getting natural greater orbs, so whether or not it consistently appears is pretty much everything for that group with regard to being able to get orbs of power (and thus, Zuul’Goth).

So for one orb of power, without the leaderboard rewards… probably more than a month, less than two years. Two years, 14 years, either way is too long for me to consider Zuul’Goth a chase. But then again, its not like I’m using the orbs for anything else at the moment.

Would like to reiterate, though, that there is absolutely no reason to commit to crafting any orb unless you have all the orbs necessary to craft Zuul’Goth. Unless you are consistently on top 6 of the leaderboard, don’t expect this to happen before 2019 regardless. Even if you are, you are still at least several couple months off (1 month if you get top leaderboard spot every time).


Good post as usual Mithran. I have given up 100% on crafting Zuul’ or getting all the troops in the game as a result of them introducing Zuul’ so I’m not sure it has had the intended effect for end game “completionist” (certainly the opposite in my case and I was an end game completionist until Zuul Launched and you showed me the math to get him). Maybe he’ll be a purchasable unit one day it’s likely the only way 99.9% of the players will ever get him.

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Apparently there are 7 versions of Zuul so that means a new boss in only 17 weeks or so unless they plan to rotate through all versions multiple times. If they bring out a new boss troop every 21 weeks it will be a real kick in the nuts for endgamers/completionists.

There are seven versions of Zuul’Goth: one for each of the six colors, which are used in Raid mode, and a seventh that is available for crafting.

Thanks for that info. I’ve edited my above post.

We are still waiting for the new GW troops… so I don’t think we will get a new Boss…

True. But GW troops are a reward whereas Zuul is an enemy we fight so I suspect they may give us a new boss to keep people interested.

And it’s not as if zuul is worth chasing anyway. I’m not going to bother.


Power orbs are a waste of time and resources. Zull is a worthlessness troop that when you have him can only cast once. For the amount of resources required he should be able to cast as many times as you need. I will never waste the orbs to get him.

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I consider myself a completionist and I’m not bothering with trying to chase Zuul’Goth. He’s a pie-in-the-sky troop that will take massive amounts of luck, massive amounts of hoarding, and possibly massive amounts of spending to get in any realistic timeframe.


Since i got nothing else to do in the game, i got more then enough souls and traitstones and i don’t need these orb i will still keep them for zuul and i will cross fingers so they adjust some reward and we see more orbs (maybe in vault)

I get the feeling if Zuul could be casted more than once, people would complain that Zuul is a pay to win troop…

True that.

I’m glad they made him shite, makes me feel better that I can’t afford/don’t want him.