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Best use of Orb of Ascension?

I assume that the best thing I can do with it is to ascend my Legendary Guild Guardians to Mythic. This way I don’t have to pull 100 of each of them, saving 600 guild keys. This way 6 orbs = 600 guild keys = 600 gem keys.
Any thoughts?

Most people are saving orbs up to craft Zhul’Goth, but that’s going to take forever.

If you don’t want to do that, that’s a viable use of them I suppose. Some people may be looking to ascend new commons - you can save a boatload of gold keys/glory if in a glory pack when trying to mythic them, or legendary troops that you only have one copy of. You could also tactically look around your kingdom to determine what’s close to bumping up to a useful star level (5, 7, or 9) to see if ascending something difficult would accomplish that.

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If you aren’t getting the major orb from closing portal 10, Zuul’goth is pretty much impossible, so figure that out first. Without getting a raw Major Orb of Growth or a shot at it by getting Major Orb of Chaos, the orbs of growth alone required to craft him, under optimal conditions, would take years longer than the game has existed so far to obtain.

I was thinking about this for my alt account, but this strategy could very well be nullified if guild wars troops also rotate into this same pool as was hinted at eventually happening. I wouldn’t do this until the week of spending the seals, having six orbs on hand to finish mythic +4 on all guardians at the same time to instantly make your chests stop dropping them. Using them one at a time spread out for this function is pointless because you’ll just continue getting more copies of that guardian.

Barring that, I’m saving them until there is something that can be ascended for an appreciable gain to my best possible team that also isn’t likely to get nerfed soon. Since this is pretty much impossible given what is already in the game, they’ll sit unused like the rest of my orbs or all those rare healing consumables you’d get in a standard RPG. Otherwise, I’m saving them for something that might bottleneck a ten star kingdom by not having it ascended, which also seems to be pretty far down the road. It is a fair bet if you are bottlenecked from getting 7, or 9 stars, it is because you haven’t farmed enough traitstones or souls and not because you are missing a single ascension or a full troop, and a fair bet that if you are bottlenecked on a five star that there are probably easier five stars to chase or the +1 skill bonus in that particular kingdom will be rather insignificant because you have every easier kingdom. It could very well be that the best use of these hasn’t even entered the game at this point.

tl;dr: Keep them in your inventory and pop in to admire how many you have every once in a while.


OoA will be almost mandatory for Vault troops.

Else it could use for the RB/Invasion special troops to get them Mythic without spending too much gems.


Yup that’s what I was thinking.

Of course, I’m not getting any Orbs of Ascension, or likely to. But at least I have these Orbs of Growth. That’ll save me dipping into my ever-dwindling pool of only 4million souls…


Why, though? They don’t contribute anything other than sitting in your collection. A fully traited, fully ascended collection isn’t even possible anymore if you aren’t able to craft Zuul’Goth, since you technically can’t have a full collection without Zuul’Goth, and the math on Zuul’Goth acquisition does not look pretty even in best-case scenarios for the top 0.01%, and for anyone not hitting portal 10, it doesn’t even look possible within the life cycle of the game.

I guess it depends on if derive more satisfaction by looking at some orbs you’ll probably never use or using the orbs on troops so you can look at troops you know you’ll never use. I’d rather save them for an even costlier, even more annoying to acquire, maybe actually usable troops further down the road, since you know they don’t futureproof for things like this.


Of course, I will ascend Vault troops (for completion) after crafting Zuul… in 2 years :stuck_out_tongue: .


During that time you will open several vaults and pretty sure you will be able to mythic vault troop faster then zuul without using any orbs :slight_smile:

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Another use is to automatically ascend an event week legendary as opposed to spending thousands of gems on keys to get 5 more copies, that I’ve heard people do.

The best part though is compared to the amount of orbs of growth you need you can use a few orbs of wisdom and ascension without worry.

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By the time anyone gets Zuul,another one like him comes out,so full collection is impossible forever.For me its impossible anyway,still only 3 unique mythics lol,but for top guild players,this can be irritating.

Save them orbs for future updates.

Yes that’s what I think I’ll do.

Given the scarcity of event keys, I think that’s the best route for me, personally.

I have a question, say i have 4 Scylla, i would need 2 more to ascend her to mythic status. If i use an orb of ascension would i get Scylla to mythic and keep the extra 3 copies? @Ozball can you clarify this?

Thanks in advance.

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I can say with 99% certainty the troop just becomes mythic. So if you had 3 troops and mythic it, you still have 3 troops

I think this is true as well. But personally I would wait for a dev response.

The other reason I answered this is I’m also 99% sure you won’t get a dev response lol

Using my only orb isn’t worth the other 1% certainty heh heh.

I used mine on magnus

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