Option to fight only similar level players in PVP (Console)

I seem to spend ages clicking ‘Try another’ in PVP as I’m getting several over the 100 lvl mark when I’m only level 78. And given they are that high it is not unlikely they have lvl 15 good troops due to all the souls they’ve collected and more time to use keys to get legendaries and so on.

Please can we have the option (as some may still want to challenge super high levelled players) to fight players within -5 or +5 of our level. It makes it a bit more fair that way.

The way opponent’s are presently selected is through activity with a highly variable similar level system.
The more active a player is in Invading, the more likely they are to be found Defending against other players.

The reason it’s designed around activity rather than purely level is to also encourage activity. If a player could still defend after not playing for a week to a month, they could rack up a very high number of defense wins without ever logging on.

If you only fought against active as well as similarly leveled players, there’s a good chance you’d find no one new after a few invades. This use to be the case before it was changed to allow higher level variation, making it much less likely to encounter the same opponent over and over again.

You can still have it based on activity, but allow the option for those of us who do not want to attempt to take on what is usually just a losing battle anyway.

If you invest some in scouting, you may be able to find higher leveled players with bad team compositions. These would make for easy gold wins.

I’m edging closing to lvl500 and some of my most rewarding wins (in terms of gold only mind you) are from a couple of people who’ve just stuck one troop in there - a Gate or a Musketeer or their hero or a lvl1 or a combination of those. So those people do exist. Scouting until you find them isn’t the most cost-effective idea though.

I thought the consoles didn’t have scouting yet…

Aside from Machiknight’s point that consoles don’t have scouting yet, this also risks wasting a bunch of gold if it turns out the higher level player doesn’t, in fact, have a bad team. Then you end up spending 60 instead of 10 because you still want a new opponent, and for a low level player trying to save resources, that’s significant money.

That’s not a huge difference in levels and play-times… I wouldn’t have though the matches were that much harder… being 100s of levels apart is a noticeable difference… still, it’s a year since I was in your shoes, so maybe I don’t remember so well…

Who shows up for PVP is mostly influenced by who has been invading / active recently… and as GoW on console is still quite new there (presumably) isn’t the size of population we have on PC/iOS… so hard to be sure that someone that close in levels would be available…

To make my point I was just pummelled by a level 100+.

They had cards I didn’t because they’ve spent more time on the game. They will have access to more weapons for their hero also. And better armours due to more time to obtain gems.

I don’t know what scouting is as the console version does not have this.