Opponent selection for GW defence

TLDR: its buggy selection or works as designed.
Let me tell you a story, opponent guild had 135 battles that day. As a Champion, I had 1 defence battle, friend on the same level had 16 battles. Does it work as designed?


I would blame it on rng. It is possible to flip a coin and have it land heads 16 out of 17 times.

I also wont put it past the designers of this game to have everything all screwed up and buggy as most of it is.

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Depends on the details. Some questions that come to mind:

  • Are you both in the same guild?
  • Did you both look at your defense number at close to the same time?

We are at the same guild, at the same level on GW list, at the end of day, as opponent guild finished 135 battles, friend had 16 defence battles, I had one.

Any chance you could post the defense teams you both had set?

Friend had classic Life and Death build with Orbweaver class. Had much worse results than me(4/12, I had 1/0). Maybe its well forgotten feature to skip opponent you dont want to face:)

That’s what I was thinking. You seem to be around bracket 10 though, it feels somewhat unlikely everybody in your opponent guild would prefer fighting a L&D team. Odds for a 16:1 battle distribution to happen is slightly better than 1:10000, so it’s technically possible you’ve just hit the RNG jackpot.

How the perception changes in the higher brackets. Man, 4 defense wins are huge compared to 1 win. And defense losses become a regularity. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: