Opponent level after first Kingdom

Playing on ps4, have the first kingdom completed. Now no matter what quest I choose in any other kingdom that I have unlocked (which is about 14 kingdoms), the enemy a.i. cards are always level 15. My highest card I have leveled is level 11 I believe. Is this the way it is supposed to be? because I am getting crushed no matter the quest I choose. Any help or tips would be appreciated.

Couple of questions:

What level is your hero?
What troops are you using?

By any chance did you install the game before dec15th seems there was a patch that made all enemys level 15…im level 91 with a ton of level 15 cards and i still have quest with low level enemys
Check this thread

Only installed it first the first time about a week ago, I am lvl 43

With the current version of the game, all quest troops are level 15 regardless of anything. It was a poorly thought out update that only enhances the pay 2 win aspect, as new players have little chance of getting anywhere without spending money. Best I can say is maybe grind arena and stack up souls so you can get a few cards you like up a few levels.

Arena is great for a new player to get souls if you can afford the gold. As for getting a functioning team, I’d choose 3 troops that work well-ish together, and get them up to 15, then branch out from there.

The team I ran for awhile was Hero with yellow spear that attacks randomly, musketeer, siren, and Luther. Atm I still am able to use that team for both pvp/questing(I’m level 97), though I traded the spear for celestial staff. I’m not saying its the best team ever, but it has nothing fancy in it(other than the staff, which is replaceable), and it has worked for me.

I did have it slightly easier than you as the first kingdom I bought wasn’t level 15, but the second one onwards were.