[PS4] Beginner - Level 30 character, but Quests has level 15 troops. Intended?

Hi !
I just started with the game on PS4 few days back, it kind of exciting.

Does this intended that Kingdom quests has level 15 troops at all waves through progression?
I have only a single troop of level 10 at character level 30, the rest are level 5.

Trying to get through quest line for Kingdom and getting smashed very fast.
Wasting so much time and gold on the quests to progress as new player.
Not fun of watching my troops die from a single spell.

Please do not hijack the thread. This thread is not about the “How to Play or Strategies”
This is for consoles, specifically PS4 (version 1.03)

Similar thread for other platform with a nice representable picture.

That sounds wrong.

Can @505GamesSupport help?

There are lvl 15 troops in many quests of the first kingdoms.
If it is too hard, try another kingdom or some PVP and come back to this one when your troops will be a little stronger.

Hey @Aelthwyn, level 15 troops are in all kingdoms
I have purchased 7 of them and the first Broken Spire did not have this issue with too crazy outburst and super smart computer forward processing (3-4 cascading set matches in one turn easy ) at all.
So advice go to another kingdom does not solve the core issue.

Wonder what difficulty settings this game runs on PS4?
I bet on MAX Difficulty. And this is not changeable. This option is grayed and not clickable.

While in PVP you need to spend gold (you can tell me about how on 3rd day I can have enough for everying) and present your troops.
Guess what if I play 3rd day , that does not mean I have 100 troops of moderate level to play against opponent but barely what I have at random (through keys and Kingdoms)
And to tell you more I was in a couple of PVP matches where it damn scary to play with all these SYNERGIES they have there.
Arena (1000g) - was just awful , it instant 2 games losses within 3 minutes.

The new kingdoms (Grosh-Nak, Wild plains…) are easier than the old ones. The troops are not lvl 15, at least in the first quests.
You don’t need 100 troops to make a good team. What do you have and what are you using?

Are you sure it PS4 version that you are speaking of ?

These Kingdom you have mentioned … Grosh-Nak, Wild plains …
Are not in seen in my map , and not around Broken Spire.
Around Broken Spire , that I can play in are:

  • Divinion Fields
  • Zhul. Kari
  • Mist of Scales
  • Karakoth
  • Adana
  • Forest of Thorns

Again, troops are random, and we can not and obtain new troops best or worst in troops menu for Gold or Souls .
And what progress someone can make as beginner in this game difficulty without straight paying in cash

Yeah the newer kingdoms aren’t on ps4. What I ended up doing when I played ps4 and ran into this was start doing early quests in other kingdoms. Pvp might be an option too but that costs more gold than quests.

You are right about those kingdoms. I forgot you don’t have them.
Buying gems or a pack can help you in the beginning but it is perfectly possible to do without. I have been playing for a year and have never bought anything until last week.
Some of the random troops you get can be very useful. That is why I asked what troops you are using.

If you don’t play that on PS4 could you please do not post to the very relevant topic in this forum part for consoles?
Although generic comments about gameplay are great I could find these in the forums in the relevant part.

Simple math 50g per try, 20g per win.
I can honestly say that I tried a quest at least 10 times (that 500g thrown ) before considering other options.
And I wouldn’t bother creating an account and spend my time on forums if gameplay was not broken.

Out of gold for today. I had more than a thousand and all lost in the attempts to complete quest

I remember the wall I hit when they introduced level 11 to 15 and my team was 5 to 7. All enemies were leveled up (challenges and campaigns) and I could not win a single game. The simple solution was and is: Level your team! But how can you do this?

Save your gold to buy troops!
Collect daily reward each day. Join a guild to double daily income. Since last update casual guilds are inactive, because everybody buys kindom level instead of spending. But you need just the income bonus. Also Regulary collect kingdom gold and hope for extra income.

Buy troops and disenchant them!
After some time you can create a team you want to play. Then disenchant all other troops to get souls and level up that team. Maybe keep legendarys and other troops you want to collect.

By the way, I had to idle this way for a month… I do not know how this will work out today.

Not working:

  • PvP will give you lot of gold; The problem is you need a good team, because you are matched against real player teams.
  • Playing challenges for souls; The problem is you get not much souls on early levels. Actually it is only the last level that is worth playing. Again you need a high level team to do this.

This is exactly the case , the enemy troops just one shot everything (simple attack or ability) and game over.
Drain life for 8 , how we suppose to play around that with average 5 health troops. Is this mission impossible or torture game.

Troops are not the problem but their level. Having 200 troops of level 1 is not the same as only four of level 15.
Disenchanting for 5 soul is not worth at all. It will require nearly million of keys to get troops , disenchant, and level up.
And all this time I would be unable to play saving gold. I can not see where is the point of this game in this perspective.

Sounds to me like your team’s lacking synergy.

What troops are using? What all troops do you got? Are you using all colors when making a team in arena?

It seems like there’s just a minor gap of knowledge that your missing. Strategies like mana depriving, setting up 4+ matches, and AI exploitation are some of the “advanced” strats. You’re just missing some of the games mechanics, and once you understand them better I’m sure you’ll find the game less stressing. :relaxed:

Zelfore , you are cool, but you don’t get the main point, that this is only 3rd day of gameplay, with absolutely NO purchases with CASH.
And don’t assume everyone is NooB just because you spend more time in this game and start throwing sentences without properly explaining what you mean by this:

And yes there are NO SYNERGY as there are NO CARDS for this. What does anyone has to do with bunch of level 1 troops versus AI of four level 15 troops (read as cards).
I feel you are lacking of common sense of reading the OP posts, and just jumped into comments.

Chill, guys… @max do keep it civil, @Zelfore is only trying to help… you could ask you ‘what do you mean by that’ points without putting people down.

It’s easy for us veteran players to forget what people know or don’t know, or have or haven’t worked out yet. The game has players varying from RPG experts to young children and anywhere in between.

Mana depriving - for example - means deliberately taking the mana colours that your enemy’s troops need to stop them casting spells, and planning ahead so that moves you make don’t set the enemy up to get those colours. Obviously, luck is involved too, sometimes…

Ok, first of all: The difficulty screen is greyed because difficulty is not implemented on the PS4 version yet - you are allways playing on normal difficulty (which is the easiest option as soon as difficulty is selectable).

Back on topic: When i first started, Arena was the way to go to get out of that beginners struggle. With some knowledge about team-synergy (given the choices of troops) you can almost allways reach the 8 wins - often without loosing a single game.
Sure, there were occations where i lost the first two matches due to bad team options and/or really bad luck, but in generel you should win almost all arena matches due to the following advantages (while having same choice for troops/level etc.) over the AI:

a) Combo-Breaker: The new stones do not completly drop in random. There is an algorithm which prevents the AI from getting 3-Skulls or 4-matches floating in from the top UNLESS you had the same amount of luck with skulls and matches floating in beforehand.
b) Checking the upcoming move: As player, you should allways check if your move leaves a 4-match/skulls for the opponent or if your turn creates a match-4 for you indirectly elsewhere. The AI simply does not do that.
c) The AI is naive. It allways uses the following order:

  1. Are there 5-matches, if yes, do them
  2. Are there 4-matches, if yes, do them
  3. Are there 3-skull matches, if yes do them
    4a) Are skills ready and “useful” (heal only on damaged troops etc), if yes use them
    4b) Make a random match-3 (most often, own mana needed or mana needed of enemy)
    where I do not know exactly why sometimes the AI prefers 4b) over 4a). Anyway, this gives you the following advantages:
  • AI will not use spells inbetween, even if those whould give an extra turn but isntead use the match-4 skulls before and waste the spell-usage inbetween
  • AI will allways target skulls, even if entangled or with 0 damage (which makes one of the challanges of Broken Spire with Fortress Gate in Front a good challange to farm with alchemyst, just let the enemy have all the skulls and dont kill fortress gate)

An the last big advantage you have (or at least which i remember right now): You allways start. Since the starting board is generated at random, you can collect all the match-5 and match-4 before the AI even gets a turn.

Ok, some more general tipps for you:
a) get into a guild - you get free gems, keys, souls, maps and double daily reward for free
b) get yourself a farming team - without this every match in the beginning will loose you gold, even if you are winning, so you need it when you do not want to wait for daily reward and income after each game

The standard farming team is something like that:
where you use Alchemist to transform the board to yellow to fill valkyre and banshee, valkyre creates blue and banshee transforms the blue back to red to fill alchemist and valkyre. It needs some training to know when to use abilities but afterwards you will win games against enemies which are a lot higher then you - simply because they wont get a turn. And even if you loose, the Alchemyst will have generated enough gold to compensate the loss. This team even gives often enough treasure maps to generate additional income. (Filler is any troop which does not steal mana for the others and collects the blue of valkyre, most often hero or treant or things like that)

Even if you dont have that full lineup yet, try some combos with alchemist, his gold generation will pay of…

You will even find some guides here in the forum about Soul-Farming teams and Arena.

I hope i could be of help…


Stop posting rubbish comments.
We don’t need to create a post of 1000 pages of replies for something which is not relevant.

And don’t hijack the thread. This thread is not about the “How to Play or Strategies”

All of you who commented - please create a team of level 5 troops and go play on challenge 5 star difficulty, If that is enjoyable time spending for you.
Get down to the level of the beginner. You are talking from the far or from the top.

try some combos with alchemist, his gold generation will pay of…

Gold cap is 105g max (as veteran you should know it), 50g to pay as entry fee, generation is 65g per time invested for >10 min (one time repeatable, until next time all enemy troops are level 15). PVP is not friendly for beginners Hope this answers you.

You might want to ease up on the insults…

@DracoMagnus is actually completely correct. His advice to use a team with Alchemist/Valkyrie/Banshee (if you have them of course). is very good advice. That team core actually still works in PvP against level 1000 opponents and is still the quickest way to get souls to level your troops.

And souls to level troops is, IMHO, exactly what beginning players need to grow stronger…

@Darkness stop it already, you are trolling the thread

That is precisely what I am doing with my secondary account. And yes I am having fun. I must be weird.
Don’t worry, it is my last post on the thread. I have understood answering was useless.