Opening 10,000 Keys

I am going to be opening about 2k gold keys and 8.5k glory keys when 2.0 goes live. If anyone wants to watch, it will be done on Steam when 2.0 goes live. I’ll be posting it on my YouTube channel after for those too busy with 2.0, sleeping, or other reasons. I’ll also be doing other things after the chest openings, such as the new PvP and using the new legends/mythics if I happen to get any from the glory keys.

If the stream happens to stop during the actual stream, just click refresh as Steam streaming completely ends the stream if the game ends, which is likely due to the servers not handling the update well. xD


Best of Luck to ya @Tacet

We are coming for you @Sirrian :stuck_out_tongue:



I really do need to try twitch again. My main problem is I can’t stream on twitch + record at the same time. Sometimes I can’t even do twitch since my connection is pretty bad at times. xD Luckily with Steam the streaming is straight from the source of the game, so it puts very little strain on my connection.

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Is that scene from Mars attacks?

It will be interesting Tacet, will be watching…

The spam of all of us opening keys in global chat will be really interesting


The main problem I could see happening with this stream is it will crash every 5 minutes from servers. xD

There will be a “over 1,000 actions at once” error every key.

Any guesses as to how many ERROR_TOO_MANY_TRANSACTIONS @Tacet sees?


Technically he alone could be responsible for the 8883 request error

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Cant wait to see those new mythics in action!

There is a decent chance I won’t get my mythic from nearly 9,000 glory keys. I’ll be doing another key opening next week to get the mythic troop and both the new legends to mythic.

When are u gonna start? (Obviously not til servers are back up) soon as they go up?

What is felicity’s link?

It will start about 5-10 minutes after the servers go back up. I need to make sure everything on the stream end is fine audio-wise.

Also once u do go live can u post it in here so we will know.

Of course. :slight_smile:

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It’s a good thing I have a backlog of a few YouTube videos that are 2-3 hours long to watch while I wait xD

We only have about another hour left until 2.0 goes live.

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I figured, but I’ma start watching the first one anyways. I’m going crazy watching the forum. xD