Who is the gold key king

Just for a giggle who has accumulated the most gold keys I currently have 67000 nearly guessing that’s small compared to some .


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I’m calling hoarders


Save them for the next Guild Guardian release :stuck_out_tongue:



Over 200 thousand my word that is something

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I blow through all of mine every time every time a new Mythic comes around. I open all gold keys first, followed by glory keys, gem keys, glory, then guild keys. So far, I have been able to get every new Mythic except for one, so I feel like I’m just going to keep going with the method while it works :smiley: .

Is there any reason why not to open these aside from the fact that opening thousand would take a fair amount of time?

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Nice warmup rutine lol

I have no reason to use them.

Not quite as many as @awryan, but for the same reason.

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I always opened gold keys just so I didn’t have to see the number getting bigger. Reminds me of this meme.


Gems of War_20200205005056


Cash those bad boys in 200 at a time! Lol…



I burn tens of thousands when going for old bounty troops sometimes, but that is so few and far between. Last time I was opening keys for literally like 20 minutes just to finish one ascension and it barely made a dent in my stash. Honestly, I only have so much because it is physically painful to open them after a while (the monotony wants me to speed through it, which makes me try to go fast, and that combined with the repetition of the exact same motion puts much more strain on my wrist than a ton of gameplay would)

Even my alts have a ton because of this, and 1 or 2 of those aren’t even done ascending commons yet:


279000 keys woah I think we have a winner

and I thought salty had a lot on the dev build

She could use dev hacks and have a billion gold keys. Irrelevant.

I think this really just highlights the UI issue that there should be a slide bar option, so you could open all of them at once
Failing that, perhaps a dynamic sizing of the button options so that if you have more than say 10,000 of a resouce you can open say 1000 at a time, more than 50,000 5000 at a time etc. rather than 200 being a static maximum
Given the third button works dynamically if you have less than 200 this seems like it should be straight forward to do with minimal impact to overall design/layout
It would help with Keys as well as Chaos Shards

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They say opening more than 200 at once causes too much server strain :man_shrugging:

Sure, I’m happy to get the outputs sent to me by mail - with a delay - so that the server can handle the requests, which it would handle anyway if I open them the current way

When a new faction is released I am sure there are plenty of players hammering the server as they use Chaos shards - I’d be happy if getting the contents took the same amount of time but we all save hundreds of repetative clicks that has no gameplay value