Video: 2.0 Mass Chest Opening

Hello everyone! Yesterday I opened up over 10,000 keys for 2.0 going live. I streamed for about 3 hours afterwards and even held the most viewed stream on Steam for about an hour straight.

IMPORTANT NOTE! The audio on the video did get corrupted. This occurred due to my recording software recording both the stream’s audio and my own audio at once and then combining them. There is a loud persisting static that occurs whenever I talk in this video, of which audacity doesn’t seem to be able to remove without making the sound robotic. I did not record a clean audio source for the video, so there seems to be no way to fix it. If the noise is too annoying, just mute it.


I am going to watch this. It will take some time before i do though.

was a great video, grats on 2 wars! 1/3500 it seems for glory chests