How many keys can one have stored?

Thanks! :slightly_smiling:

At least 7342.

do you have 7342?

For the moment.

Of course that’s only my Glory Keys.

What guild are you in, Shimrra? Sarcasm won’t work if you using it.

Keys stop displaying at 999 on the map menu, but they still accumulate to at least 9,999 displaying their value in the chest menu. I don’t believe anyone has yet to exceed that number, but it is likely possible to do so.

Thanks, Tacet.

I think Shimra, as most of the big fishes you see around on the forum is part of the top 1 guild (and they are way above everyone in term of guild task clearing).

I’ve been keeping my keys for a bit over a month, not playing much in a top 50 guild, and have over 900 gold keys and 450 glory keys. Indeed, it show “999+” over the “Chests” icon on the game main screen. I guess you can keep as much as you can collect :wink:

For practical purposes it’s unlimited (with the most natural implemmentation I’d guess 2 billion is game, half chance for 4 billion and no chance for 5 billion atm :slight_smile:

The display is limited to 999+.

Unless they’ve put a hard cap on key pool, the standard integer limit is 2147483647, and unsigned integer is double that number.

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I only have just over 5000 :frowning:

I had 12 glory keys, just used them up. Have 3 gold keys waiting for me, think I gonna spare them. Indeed, good for me. :relieved::relieved:

I will spare mine when I have all of the current troops. I will worry about the ones in the coming update when those are achieved. :wink: