999+ chest keys

The more I think about it the more I think that this:

Was a placeholder for the new UI and someone forgot to code the actual amount of keys.

No where else in the game does it ever do a + integer outside of the Soul Forge. Which in the soul forge it makes sense because you can open up a sub menu and see the actual total amount of something you can craft.

To the best of my knowledge after 7.2 nothing exists that shows an actual total of chest keys a player has.

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No, they said in their notes that it was intentional. But I agree that I don’t love it. Honestly, I’d kinda rather they just take the number off altogether and let the UI look cleaner.


Entirely possible, I guess, that they have stats that show that most players do indeed have fewer than 999 total keys – in early game you’re better served by opening keys to broaden your troop collection rather than by hoarding them.

The population here skews strongly towards mid/late gamers for whom gold keys are basically a nuisance.

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so it must be true then.
…no doubt.

this! would be a better way than what we face currently.

While this is true, then you wouldn’t need that rather insignificant number showing only up to 999 keys at all.

I don’t even think management/devs intended something bad with that change of display, probably a non veteran gow player seemingly had that thought of handling it this way with the new ui, some other non veteran gow player second’ed it and now we sadly have to deal with it. =)


It was in the notes at the beginning of the Beta, so at the very least I have no reason to think it wasn’t intentional.