What's your glory key hoard look like?


Lets see who is the biggest hoarder :wink:
Feel free to leave your Diamond hoards also.


Those are just glory keys. Everyone has those. I was looking for a hoard of gem keys. I is disappoint.


I have 12 event keys lol that is it.


I’m in the 1500 range after blowing my entire stock on Plague only to come up empty.


I have 0 across the board, but the important thing is that we have each other!


In our guild, I don’t see any of the top players cashing in their keys. Plus, our leader @Tacet is a dragon who sits on top of all his resources, and you can see them in his videos. I’ve been keeping my hoarde at a manageable 5000, which I think is sufficient to get myself whatever new Mythic or Kingdom might be coming our way.

While I have all the troops, I’m now dropping keys mainly for the trait stones because I don’t have all my best troops traited yet.


That’s what I thought also, but after close to 10k glory keys and nearly that many gems had been used and still no Plague, I changed my stance on it.


I burned up a gazillion keys trying to get Plague. Not doing that again. However, I am saving all of mine for the new kingdom next week.


Finally! Something I can brag about. Don’t get too jealous.


Please also note the Glory that I’m swimming in!

Ah, what the hell. A bonus!


I’m so glad you’re in our guild, that rocks!


Just tryin to kick up a conversation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Low on Glory right now but I think my Gem stash is fairly respectable.


wow. my kid used his 400 glory keys from the guild and got all 3. :frowning:


Was the zoom in necessary? Or has the gutter taken my mind?


Hey Phaethon!!!

I laughed when you pointed that out. Totally not on purpose, I actually took that with my cell phone and thats the character that happened to pop up in the rotation.

Hope all is well.


Oh, I was just teasing. :sweat_smile:

All is okay. Likewise, for you, I hope?

(Sorry, Demon. Didn’t mean to hijack the thread. Haven’t talked in a while :disappointed_relieved:)


Without the zoom i would barely notice the gems… Just saying. :yum:


I dare say the zoom is NECESSARY, otherwise risk missing the details.


She has lovely eyes


Yes, 6161 of them. Important details.