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One handed play (mainly PS4 but other platforms might work too)

So I’m a PS4 player and unsure how the other platforms work when it comes to controller but one thing that’d be awesome is to be able to play one handed.

Now the reason for this is because I sometimes grind a lot and want to be able to cuddle with my cats at the same time. One is very affectionate and she likes to constantly come over and lie on top of us so this is rather serious for me, given it might not seem like it.

Anyway, this could work for people wanting to simply use their mouse to scroll through reddit at the same time or eat something not having to switch hands for cuttlery or touch the controller with dirty fingers (I hate that). So in the end, it results in more gameplay really!

So right now it’s like this:

  • To select a troop to use you press L1+X/Square/Triangle/Circle.
  • To view the enemy team you instead use R1 and the same combo.
  • To move around the board it’s either the D-pad or left stick.
  • To move gems you either select (X) then move or simply use the right stick.
  • To access chat it’s the touchpad.
    These are the main controls. X and Circle are your obvious “yes/No” buttons, or to “select/cancel” things. You can press down the left stick (L3) for some online guide I think but that doesn’t work in game, only in some menus. To my knowledge, L2 and R2 aren’t used. At least not in an active game.

Now my idea to make it onehanded is easy. You keep most of the controls but simply divide the controller in two (as if you sawed it in half) and make use of L2/R2 combos to “move over” the controls from either side.

So if you want to play right handed it’s like this:

  • To select a troop to use you press R1+X/Square/Triangle/Circle.
  • To view the enemy team you instead use R2 and the same combo.
  • To move around the board it’s the right stick.
  • To move gems you either select (X) then move with the right stick or simply use the R2 and the right stick.
  • To access chat it’s the touchpad.

And if you want lefthanded play instead:

  • To select a troop to use you press L1+D-pad directions.
  • To view the enemy team you instead use L2 and the same combo.
  • To move around the board it’s the left stick.
  • To move gems you either select L2 then move D-pad or Left Stick or simply use the L2 and the D-pad/Left Stick while holding down.
  • To access chat it’s the touchpad.

You could also use L3/R3 as selections buttons when moving gems. There are more combos that’ll most likely work.

//This will prolly be almost the same for Xbox but someone will have to chime in for that part.

Granted the lefthanded controls are a bit weirder for people who aren’t used to this but it is a choice after all. I don’t think this would “break” anything tbh. Just gives the player a bit more freedom. Something you can tick in the options setting or have a hotswap for during game even? Just an idea really as I often find myself having to put down my controller to do stuff I could’ve done one handed (Like holding a fork eating food or cuddling with the cat).

Again I don’t know about PC but I would venture a guess that you can do most things with just the mouse? Or heck, some people can just have mice with buttons and simply use those. As for mobile I don’t know but I find it hard to believe you couldn’t do it onehanded already if it’s based on touch anyway.

Hit me with some corrections or suggestions if you want. I’m open for anything. I could easily have missed some button combo or some menu that’d be extremely sensitive to this.


Anything that involves kitty cuddles gets a vote from me! I too have a very needy feline that usually insists on sitting on my ipad whilst I’m trying to play but I’ve learnt to live with him casting troops at exactly the wrong time :rofl:.
I hope you and your cats continue to love the game! Favourite post on here ever! Love it

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Haha, glad someone can relate! :slight_smile:

You can remap the ps4 buttons on settings. Just change L1 for R1, R1 for R2 and left stick with right stick. Pretty sure it’s enough to play right handed.

The devs should make the game be fully compatible with usb keyboard and mouse

As a right handed person, I find playing one handed play with the left hand quite easy. (x1 player)

Move the cursor with the left stick
Move gems with the right stick
LB + facebutton to cast

As long as you know the enemy troops you’re facing, the motion stays easy to do indefinitely.

(think more like a piano and less like a one handed controller grip)

The only thing I can find are settings named “Controller Map Highlight Sensitivity” which aren’t for mapping but just a slider for sensitivity. Where do you see mapping on PS4? Would love to try it out!

While I too can do that, it’s awkward. You can’t hold it firmly with one hand and do all the things. You either set the controller down, in which case you gotta have something to hold it while you press shoulderbuttons with one hand as for it not to slide, or you use different gripping methods all of which make your hand go numb within minutes. It’s not ergonomic in the least but sure, it can be done to some extent.

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I can totally relate. I often play with a dog that just needs contact. I’ve typically used the “piano hand” approach TheIdleOne mentioned with an Xbox controller plugged into my PC (or just my mobile) – although I find the D-pad a bit easier for selecting Gems (definitely switching them with the right analog stick, though) – but you’re right, it’s not ideal and can be awkward.

I’d love for an easier way to do this one-handed with either controller or keyboard (I think if I had a wireless keyboard with a touchpad on it, it might be okay, but :man_shrugging:).

The wireless keyboard I have that I use for typing in chat has a small trackball. It doesn’t work tho so I’m thinking build in “mice” in keyboards might be a no-go anyway.

Well, you are in the same seat as me with your pet I see! Great to know there’s more and more people with the same “predicament” or “first world problem” ;).

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It’s under Accessibility -> Button Assignments.

Oh now I get it, you mean for the whole PS4, not just this game! Yeah I found the option but it’s kinda bad having to change the whole system, especially if you want to switch from right to left or vice versa. I’d much rather see a simple toggle between the different modes if possible by GoW to make it ingame.

Still a nice addition to the thread as it can help people who don’t play anything else or need it for other reasons, thanks!

Edit: looked into it and it’s not as flexible as one would hope. For starters, it doesn’t offer all buttons, like the analog sticks can only be exchanged to left/right analog stick (probably R3/L3 positions changed). The D-pad could be turned into the mirror of the right side but still it doesn’t allow for the combinations sadly. It’s not ideal, could maybe work but it’s limited at best for this purpose.

Yeah, it’s not ideal, of course. But since it’s only 3 buttons to change it’s not too much trouble, I think.

And now that I think about it, Sony could add an option to save different customizations.