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Keyboard Controls, once again :)

It’s getting some attention lately, so I will add my 5 cents to the case.

My personal biggest concern is, that when I’m tired and have to farm something with same team for a longer period of time, my brain gets even more tired, i start to miss cast button for example, I get impression im slowing down because im tired and game brings more annoyance than joy. How keybinds would help in this case? Sure, you can miss button but still, hitting right button on keyboard is easier and less demanding than mouse clicking everything. So, fun from game would be stabilized, and less boredom would come from farming.

But all this was just the spark on the whole idea for me, just think, how refreshing would it be if you would have more controls than just mouse and escape in battle, like it should be for a long time. Also gameplay would be more satisfying for those PC users who likes to control things with keyboard too (yes I’m one of them obviously). Not saying we can’t handle the mouse, of course we can, we are here! But having keyboard possibilities, would just make our game experience better.

Ok well, I will also add my vision of binds, which is not really complicated.
1 2 3 and 4, would behave just like click on the troop slot opening the spell card and possibility to cast.
SPACE would behave like click on cast button. Then we operate with mouse to aim for gem or troop we would like to target, if the spell needs it.

So thats it from normal person perspective. It’s also worthy to remind one person’s view from last year on the matter. Keyboard would certainly help people with some disabilities giving them more comfortable environment.

Okay then, that’s it. I really hope we finally hear from devs what they think about this matter, since it should not be complicated to implement, but certainly is up to them and their vision. Would be also nice to know if keeping hopes in this area is good or we should give up.

Have a nice day everyone,
Shepard :slight_smile:


Like they say with gambling, “When the fun stops, stop.”

Keybinds for laziness isn’t the answer, IMHO.

I dunno if you know what laziness is, and what comfort is for tired people. I saw you in earlier topics about keyboard binds, and you always seem to stick to unrelevant or wrong things, like “abuse” of binds, which couldn’t be abused any easier than mouse macros. So please either add something constructive, or stop hating this kind of requests just because you dont need or want it.

PS: If it would help both lazy people and everyone I mentioned in my original post, it’s stil SAME viable.


I would love for any keybinding at all. At the very least, spacebar/enter being able to activate a highlighted “cast” button. Any more than that would be gravy and welcomed too. I see no reason not to support some keys. Right now, there’s only escape.


What’s a keyboard?

Honestly, I would be happy to settle for something on the keyboard to assist going through the Troops menu faster. Sorting by Level and then scrollwheeling down for 10 seconds straight to reach the lowest level card can’t be doing my scroll wheel any good.


I agree. There is no reason why there shouldn’t be at least 1234 and space bar. Devs are basically asking people to bot at this point.


So, has there been any communication to this? I still see no official feedback from the devs. The only thing you can find when you google for it is that you can get banned for macros and as they say the list is not complete which means they can ban you for whatever reason.