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Keybindings for PC version

Hi there!
I’d like to have some keybindings(for PC version at least) to speed up traitstones/souls farming.
Something like :
1,2,3 or 4 to select the troop and open the “spell book”, “C” to cast the ability, “Esc” to go back etc.



I would love some keyboard support as well just like what’s mentioned above

One word: exploitation.
Therefore, nope.

Four words: You’re not a dev.

Therefore, nope.

Maybe just stop the backseat developer thing and let the people with the power to make this happen reply.

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Public forum. Maybe let people express their thoughts and opinions?

It’ll probably never happen because it will more than likely be abused in some way or another.

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You mean how no one has mouse movement macroed now on PC, so it wouldn’t be any different with a keyboard? :wink:

I really like the idea of keybinds, or even just a way to map right-click to cast instead of having to click the troop and then click again to cast their ability.