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(mobile) One-hand Playing

Please consider the possibility of adding the checkbox “Оne-hand Playing” in the settings menu, by clicking which the game design will be changed:
the player’s team in all fights will displayed on the right of screen, the opposing team is displayed on the left.
The functional button for closing windows (a cross) is located in the upper right corner.

Also, I ask you to consider the implementation of the player’s movement after passing the test not on the world map, but in the test menu for selecting the test and then pressing the start of the fight.

What about left-handed people?

I only play with one hand :fire::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now you do a lot for left-handed people :wink:

Closing windows by tap at left top.

Armys at left side …

So in the mean time what would you be doing with your left hand? :thinking:

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I play on the mobile (5 ").
Firstly, it is more convenient for me to play with my right hand, while my left hand is holding the phone. Now the left holds, and the right one needs to “drag” through the whole screen to click on the army or close the window.
Secondly, the phone has a front camera on which the brightness is significantly reduced if it is in the shadows - it is necessary before the game to shoot the automatic brightness adjustment (again inconvenience).

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I have no trouble playing one-handed with gems on my phone.

I’m happy for you.
Seriously, very happy!
you are my graven image :slight_smile:

Turn off your auto brightness adjust… then you can select how bright it is…its 2 clicks on my phone… get over yourself thinking 2 extra clicks is a ‘hassle’ that you can’t live with when going to play a game FILLED WITH PRESSES.
If your left hand is holding the phone than why can’t you use some of those fingers??? I can’t imagine any reasonable grip that precludes you from using a finger or two