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Screen won't rotate on mobile

Feature request - Let us flip screen on puzzle board

If you play gems of wars on mobile it drains the battery quickly and you need to charge your phone while playing. Sometimes I just wish I could flip the puzzle board while charging :slight_smile:

Edit: flip 180° for convenience

Your phone’s OS should be able to provide that functionality - this is not really a ‘game’ feature

If you’re talking 180°… The game already does that on my phone. 90° would be another matter entirely, and would require rearranging the interface a bit to make things fit.

I have Android it doesn’t do it on my phone but my other games it flips just not gems of wars

Edit: I have the latest update of my phone, the flip never worked for gems of wars for me

I’ve moved this to support, since this is something that should already be working. I’m running Android 4.4.4 on a Nexus 5, so it shouldn’t be a matter of having the latest update. Do you have Auto-rotate turned on in Settings/Accessibility? It might be somewhere else if you’re on Lollipop or Marshmallow. It might help to know exactly what phone and Android version you’re running, since different carriers or phones don’t always have the same version available. You say that other games flip, but how about other applications like messaging, email, web browser, that sort of thing?

I have Nexus 5 :joy:

Android 6.0.1

You’re right it was just a settings thing :slight_smile:

It’s weird that my other game was rotating by itself tho lol


Well, it’s certainly possible for a game to detect the orientation of the device, and rotate the screen itself, but it’s easiest to just let the OS take care of it. There’s probably some integration required, particularly for 90° rotations. And the option is there because some people don’t like it. A game ignoring that option probably isn’t a good idea most of the time, but providing its own option does give people more control.

Glad you got it worked out!