Mobile - Please add HTC Second Screen handling

normally (for htc devices that have it) its possible to set something displayed on second screen (like notifications or applications shortcuts)
here is example (its the small line on the top next to camera)

but during gems of war that second screen is totally disabled

its a small thing just inconvenience and adding a handle for it i would call a quality of life improvement (as then i could put there a shortcut to turn off the screen, right now i have to manually pull the top border of screen to get android ui and from there launch it, or to press the power button physically)

still putting it here as maybe devs arent aware of such feature existence

perhaps adding a handle for it is not hard? (i really hope so)

The problem is that they have a level of uniformity with Steam and iOS.

If they start supporting OEM features in Android phones, they’re literally opening Pandora’s box. Probably not something they want to do.


This is why games are partly built with code libraries and high-level authoring tools in the first place. As much of a PITA they can be, they definitely smooth out distribution over a wide range of platforms!

yeah i understand, the weird thins is EVERY app that i ran so far supports second creen, so to me its more like devs managed to “actively turn it off” somehow instead of passively not adding a support of it XD

I really miss my old HTC Touch (as much as anybody could possibly miss WinCE and previous)… it was the upgrade to my Axim which I had HW and FW hacked a little bit to do more than it really should have. HTC makes such great stuff.

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