[Resolved] Splitscreen support broken

Platform, device version and operating system:
Tablet, Android - several different ones

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected the game to support split screen like before.

If you used it in landscape with split screen, the game showed a sort of portrait mode, if used in portrait splitscreen it was landscape.

Now it’s landscape in landscape mode. It doesn’t work (no touches registered) in portrait mode.

On other devices, splitscreen is not supported anymore at all.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time you play the game in splitscreen mode (on Android)

Steps to make it happen again
Activate splitscreen mode on your device, (try to) open the game.


I just noticed this too. I used to always open the app in pop-up view mode on my Galaxy phone but now it’s not supported after the update. It’s linked to supporting split screen mode.


+1 please do something to enable split screen support on Android (12) again. I need to play with one hand. There’s no reason not to enable it


Hey all,

After confirming with the team, split screen is not a feature we have built into Gems of War.

Split screen often being dependent on your device’s capabilities and what options are currently in that version of Unity. Most likely the case for those reporting in this thread is that with the 6.3 update, there has been an update also within Unity that has caused the changes players are experiencing.

We’re checking if that is the case and if that is something we have the ability to change, as normally this is not something we have direct control over.

Once I get any more information, I’ll share it in this thread. :sparkles:

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I can use it - badly - on one device but not in the other.

If it’s Unity then I wonder why they did that.

It was really nice before and scaled well, too.

If it’s nothing you can change yourselves, maybe you can at least give them some feedback.

It’s really sad that it’s not working anymore as I used to watch videos on one side and play gems on the other for hours.

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Found a way to make android force apps to run in split screen. Be warned though since the game won’t scale so it’s suuuper tiny. You gotta go into developer settings and activate an option called " Force Activities to be resizable"

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Split screen mode works for me now! If you did anything, thanks a lot :smiley:

Still broken on my other device (can’t force it, either) and meh on my newer one, but I hope that if it’s Unity they will fix whatever they did to break it.

Now it doesn’t work anymore on both my devices.

There is no portrait mode anymore, either. And landscape on a tablet is huge.

Could you check this, please?

It seems that unity has (or had?) a setting that made it possible to enable resizable windows.

If you still have that checked then they either changed something or it’s a bug. Extremely annoying for me as I can’t comfortably play anymore now.


Hey all,

We will be releasing a fix within the next day or so (if not sooner) that will resolve the issue you have been reporting with split screen, since 6.3 :sparkles:


Woo-hoo! That’s great news. :heart:

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I got the update and it’s resolved for me. Thanks!

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The heck, I got today’s update and now the split screen button is greyed out for me (it wasn’t previously). Just sigh. Just effing sigh.