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Feature Request : Hide UI

Would be neat to toggle / hide the UI elements for screenshots.
The arrows on the top, chat circle and if possible even quest names and ‘click to continue’ for really nice screenshots. The background artwork and the character art is often so wonderful and id love to take and share 2560x1080 shots with my steam friends.


I think this wound be beautiful if the text and other elements were not in the way. I was able to time a capture before the princess was on screen as well, but since im not Photoshop savvy to remove the other stuff it seemed pointless to upload for the backdrop only.

I think it’s possible to access the kingdom art in the game files.

@Taransworld @lyya maybe you can help?

I’m not sure I understand but if your just looking for the back drop of kingdoms you can go to www.taransworld.com then click Troop Spoilers, then click on the kingdom banners to see there backgrounds. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


I have almost all of them up as well, just not easily accessed standalone. Looks like taransworld has a solution or I’d make one for you.

Thanks all for taking a moment to reply! The background art on taransworld are definitely nice. A friend actually showed me those before i posted. What i would like to do is be able to capture my own shots for 2560x1080 resolution. Some for the background, some for the character art on screen as well.

Side note. What is the little B on your profile pictures? :nerd_face:
I want to assume its for being around since Beta?

People that are in the current beta program have the B on their avatar icon.

@dahl, these are not captures these or the original files the game uses. The resolution is what the game has so if you want them bigger or smaller you would have to expand/shrink them with a graphic editor. The troops are an overlay on the backgrounds. In short, when your looking at the game graphics they are a bunch of images on top of one another and Lyya’s site and mine of supplied those images but you would have to overlay them to get exactly what you want.

I hope I understood and explained this better. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ashesekayi.

Thanks Taransworld.
I figured they were and its fantastic. I saved some to add to my wallpaper and screensaver collection :smiley:
I was just saying that I wanted to take captures as I was playing not without the need to edit to inject into Steam. But yes i understand :slight_smile: Im a former web developer so it makes perfect sense. However, I didn’t realize seamless character art was also available to essentially make my own. :+1:

But on topic of my feature request,
Still think it would be wonderful to have a toggle for the UI in game. Just to have the option to take direct captures without having to manually edit them.
But i understand now that there are other methods available to obtain the same effect manually.

And thanks for taking the time to pass on all the information! I did hear this forum was a wonderful community from one of Krudler’s videos :slight_smile: