Gems of War UI history?

I joined the game in September ‘17, so I vaguely remember UI design before October ‘17: troop cards’ frames, troops’ pages and other UI elements. Then a major change was in v4.0 - the world map became totally new, and other things looked different. Where we can see how the game looked in past? I’m curious what it was in v1 and v2. Hope some old players have screenshots of first versions of the game UI.

Check out tacet the terror on youtube

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Watch through tons of videos? Hmm. I’d better to take a look at static pictures.

Sort by oldest first? :man_shrugging:

-Before traits existed ^ I actually miss those old cards and prefer them to what we have today

Those were the keys that we had

And here’s what the old guild roster looked like before the rework:


Oh boy, i remember these :open_mouth:

So much better than today’s cold modern look.

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The modern compact guild overview is much more convenient :smiley: No way would I want to go back to the old design for that one.
The old card designs certainly had more style. Although with ascension, quite soon you would be looking at only light blue. Maybe if the borders had the appropiate mana colors or something that would be cool.
It doesn’t make or break the game for me, but having a bit more decorations in the menus etc is something I would enjoy.

Unfortunately since it’s “easier” to post videos, nobody writes blog posts with screen shots anymore.

Good old times, amazing style. Today… :thinking:

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