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A way to see guilds kingdom lvls

Hey Devs I would love to have a way to see what lvl guild mate’s kingdoms are. So we don’t have to ask them and take their word for it. It would show if they’re a hard worker or not.

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:joy: if they are low to mid level it’s not going to make a difference it would take them weeks or months to level 1 kingdom to 5 stars

Not stars just regular lvl

Ah I gotcha

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Just ask them to send you a screenshot. If they refuse to send it then the chances are they’re embellishing the truth a touch


True but, screenshotting can be difficult for some ppl

Maybe, but it’s easy enough - it tells you how to do it on pc (win & G iirc) , mobiles are usually hold down power button or volume down & power, ps has a designated button & I’m not sure about xbox - if they can work the controls for the game then a screenshot should be easy…

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I have to use the snip tool

Screenshots are easy on Xbox One. Press the guide button then press y to take a screenshot.

The only issue is how much privacy they setup for their profile may/may not end up hiding all of their captures

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