I have New Upgrade Ideas


I like to have easy access to the kingdoms like where it says kingdom select HAVE a menu in a box that list all kingdoms and what star level they are so when you select the kingdom you want you go there and dont have to take forever finding it. I aslo like for the announcementbox in the guild menu to have enough space to make colored letters or better yet HAVE the option to have color letters then having to remember how to put in codes to color the letters, sure wehave a guild chat to talk in but everybody forgets what they need to do and the guildmaster needs more space in the announcement box to tell what we need to do for each event and how much gold trophies and seals to work on to get promoted but the biggest issue is how to donate gold to the guardians like he says 1500 seals 150+ trophies a week gold contribute purple red yellow green blue brown. aAnd no one knows how to do that they think ok we donate to purple then red when he wants them to do purple first complete it and move to the next but THEY don’t know that because all he can announce is 1500 seals 150+ a week gold contribute purple red yellow green blue brown 73 letters. So please make the letter cap more better like 1000 spaces, and easy kingdom access. (^_^)


Xbox club. Set one up for your guild and you can tell them everything you want to tell the guild members. You can also set it to private so that everyone in the world can’t see what your guild is working on.


I will see if he will do that thats a brilliant idea Thanks WyomingPixel. (^_^)


We share raid boss team builds, invasion team builds, pet rescue builds vs goblins as an example, Guild War teams for offense and defense, post screen shots, and messages. You can also record your troop list and post it. Post your www.gowdb.com link. It’s a very useful tool. As long as everyone uses it then it works very well.