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Little help(xone)!

Hello ,
as you go up the level of kingdoms (I am level 3 ) and also in the guild on Xbox one?

You’ll have to be a little bit more detailed and specific than that, Tikones. I couldn’t quite understand what you were asking.

Sorry, actually wanted to know how to increase my level kingdoms , could only level 3 , finishing the quest , bringing the troops at level 15 and ending the chalenges , and how can a larger class in the guild .
ps . I’m using google translator, excuse the errors.

You might be confused because “Kingdom Level” is going to be changed on console soon, and much of the discussion here is about the PC side, which already has that change.

Once the new patch hits, you will be able to level up kingdoms using gold. So save gold for when that hits in a couple weeks!

understood , thanks for the help friend