Ability to post screenshots in chat

Hello. New user here. The majority of my guild has come over from a game called legendary as there was major drama and our guild wanted to stay together and find another game that was fun and able to keep us involved and from reading around the forums it seems there is a fair few guilds that have done similar.

The game is great but from moving over there is a few things we miss. But mainly the ability to screenshot teams and troops to share with the guild as we are building new teams and things feels like it would be a massive help.

I get that we are able to share the current teams in guild chat but there is no way of really viewing there stats and things as if you paste them into your teams it only shows the lvls we have them at.

Or the possibility to view other players teams would be cool.

I get that there is probably reasons you haven’t done this already but I saw you have a feature request section and figured I’d try my luck. :wink:


I like this idea. Anything that makes sharing screenshots easier is good.

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I think this will work well :grin: wonder if we can @ entire guild?

This is one of the primary reasons most guilds use Discord and/or Line.


Yeah I did think of using discord but have never set up a channel on it. Have line already but not a great fan. But people use the forums anyway for tips and stuff I guess but if there was an official way for discord to actually link to the guild chat would be perfect but even guild chat itself would be perfectly fine if we could simply use screenshots (and maybe no character limit but that’s easy enough to work around by hitting return. :slight_smile:)