Linking guild chat to discord

So , i saw a game where groups can link their chats in game to discord so when someone chats in game it appears in discord channel and players could also type in game’s guild chat via discord.

Now , i don’t know if this is possible here , just wanted to share the idea.


pretty cool idea if possible

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The other option I’d potentially really like is an additional, separate, lightweight app just for Guild Chat, now that chat’s been updated (and has always run on different servers).

If it included Global Chat, and tribute collection, that would be nice, too (but not necessary) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I don’t think it’s worth to create a whole app for chatting since most of the guilds (if not all) are using discord , each guild can link their chat to their own discord server.

Also global chat can be linked to the official game server if this is possible.

It’s very important to keep Discord and Guild chat separate. Some things I want the whole guild to hear, and some things I only want Discord users to hear. Creating a tiered social structure in a guild is a very important part of forcing everyone to have a good time.

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You know this is optional right? if this feature was added the GM would have the option to either link their guild chat to their discord server or not , don’t see something like this would hurt adding.

Also , you can manage discord itself , you can create channels that certain people can access if you don’t want everyone to see what you type , and if you want the whole guild to know something , you can just type it in game via discord instead of logging into the game.

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I think this would be a smart feature, but I don’t think we’ll see it.

Every move re: chat makes me think its function (to the devs) is to keep player engagement inside the game. I believe they believe if they support interaction outside of the client, people will play less. Even though as far as I can tell there is practically no guild above the top 50 that isn’t using Discord over Global Chat to coordinate. Heck, my 8-member random guild I joined early said “don’t use guild chat, use facebook instead”.

But too be fair, they have access to data I don’t.

What you are saying might happen only if they linked global chat to their main server (although it’s unlikely , i don’t think people would play less if they were able to chat from outside of the game).

But the suggestion is talking about giving GMs the ability to link their guild chat to their own discord server , which will make it easier if someone wants to say something for the guild , instead of logging into the game just to say something , they could just chat via discord.

No, this is what I’m saying:

THAT is precisely the behavior the devs are motivated to avoid.

But I’m not going to keep pointing that out, maybe with enough noise the devs could be convinced. Either way, my guild is already using Discord and not using guild chat. Most people I know don’t like the in-game chat at all. I certainly don’t. I can play rounds and type (like I’m doing right now), but not if I’m using in-game chat.

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Well , i don’t think something like this will happen , probably people won’t stop logging into the game just because they can chat from outside , still you have a point.

Either way , i still think that this could be a useful feature because it can open for other possibilities such as using commands to know who is on and progress of events in the game , this is just an initial idea.

@NIGHTMARE, just had a response from Salty about Discord Games Overlay. You can use it without a problem. I need to test and see how it works on GoW. This would be close to what you were talking about, right?

Well , not really.

My idea is to actually be able to talk in guild chat without having to log into the game , it includes a discord bot that transfers guild in game chat to and out of discord servers.

Everquest actually had something like this, years and years ago, where the ingame chats were exposed outside of the game as long as you authenticated. Someone much smarter than me wrote a Trillian plug-in that let me be in the in-game cross-server chat channels seamlessly with all my other IM connections - I actually kept my EQ account paid up for months after I had stopped playing just so that I could stay in the chats.

Good times.

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Yeah , this feature is really nice to have.

I also played a game that supported this feature , which is MTA SA (It’s a software that lets you play GTA SA online and has many servers).

The cool part about this , is that it didn’t only stop at linking chat to discord , later on each group had the ability to check which members of the group are online using commands and sending private messages to others.