Add option to switch players team to right side

Hi, when I was playing on mobile, in fighting mode, found the player team on left side require my fingers all across the screen and feel pain after playing longtime.

Is it possible to add features allow switch player team position to right side of screen in the future?


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Current workaround: hold the device in both hands.

Or: see if your device has a rotation lock. Start the game, lock rotation, then hold the device upside down.

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I don’t know if all Androids can do this. But on the S9+ I’m able to play in vertical mode. Hope this helps for an immediate fix.

Another solution is play in front of a mirror :stuck_out_tongue:

Left to Right or Right to Left “mirroring” adjustments/features are interesting, they allow more people with different needs to enjoy the same things we do.

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Lock and Play upside down…LOL what a genius and quick fix! Sounds weird but it does work! Thanks! Save my fingers :slight_smile:

Thank you but my phone won’t play at horizontal screen…

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Total agree.

I find it most comfortable to use one of those “phone pens”, ie looks like a ball-point pen, but has a soft tip that also means I don’t end up with fingerprints all over the screen!

(It also means I’m less likely to select the wrong match due to clumsy fingers…)

I thought it’s called portrait view (and landscape view, respectively), but what I wanted to say intentionally was - that, if at all, it would be vertical.^^

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