Once you've resecued a pet, the "rescue this pet" popup should not pop up

Super minor request, but seems like a reasonable tweak. Once I’ve rescued the pet, I don’t need the notification that the pet needs rescuing. Sure, make it still accessible in the Games menu, just don’t pop up to tell me “____ has been captured! There isn’t much time before the villains escape. You only have ____ hours/minutes/seconds remaining.”


It is useful for those who wish to ascend their pets. Also, it’s just one click to dismiss, at most once an hour, so it’s not a huge inconvenience or anything.


I don’t mean just because of one I already own. I mean when I’ve actually rescued that specific event’s pet. It’s most notable for the 24 hour event, where all day every time I log in I get the notification.

I think I already said it’s super minor.


Ah, alright. Didn’t know it did.

This is actually a bug unfortunately. We didn’t intend to show the notification after you’ve completed the event and collected your rewards. Thankfully it’s just a simple change on the server and we should have this fixed before the next pet event


+1 for fixing it… then I hope you can move on to improving the pet UI to help us know which pets can be upgraded… :grin: