[Reported] Either the Gray Malkin notification is weeks late...or

Y’all can’t even be bothered to change the Pet Alert name from the last Nexus event?

Be real, there’s only one support agent left and you use 3-4 different forums accounts? Because clearly there’s been cut backs to the programmers.


Yeah, I got the “Gray Malkin has been captured!” notification on Android also.


I still laugh hard every time I think about Salty saying 505 bought IP2, all better now!

Its been nothing but a crash test since. They just keep taking the same dilapidated wreck of a car and keep slamming it into a wall.


Fools keep spending money.


Yea, I’m thinking I might just grind out the medals I need for the last achievement I need and bounce. Pretty unhappy with every 5.x+ update and questioning why I’m still playing this.

perhaps they can’t change anything right now. bad news.

Unsurprisingly, things are getting worse, not better:

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Anything unusual you did when collecting rewards, like possibly waiting past the full rescue hour?

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My guildie activated the pet rescue during a GaP: he received the Trogpole notification, while I received the Whelp. He claims that “For some reason the first pet gnome I killed during GaP didn’t summon a pet which was strange. And second battle pet showed up”.

There was no pet rescue running for 4 hours before that, so no clash there. This took place at the time of posting (so no Reset shenanigans). No other guildies were active at the time, so no data there.

Just #gowProgramming lowering the bar as usual
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Ref. Time of reward collection:

9 minutes after pet notification was triggered
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Killing several pet gnomes during a fight never caused any issues (except messing up web notifications) I’m aware of, it’s something that happens quite regularly when doing PvP during GaP. Wild guess, maybe two players in your guild each killed a pet gnome very close together, causing concurrency issues on which rescue to run?

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Based on guildie’s claim of first battle not triggering a Rescue, I’d lean towards that being the problem area.

Plus no other guildie was around to report that they triggered a Rescue, which would be unusual…
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It’s still weird. It seems to have gotten the number of rewards right. It’s 18k gold, not 36k gold, so it probably also opened the correct number of baskets. But how did it manage to roll on two different pets, given that you only saw one version of the rescue? Oh, wait, the Whelp is probably the guaranteed one from the last fight, the Trogpole (blue) and pet food (blue) were rolled up. So you got the Whelp as guaranteed pet from the rescue you didn’t see and the other rewards (minus the guaranteed pet) matching the rescue you actually saw and played.

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About this double pet issue: We had this thing happen a few times in our guild. I never was involved personally, so no screenshots. It happened during vault events, but also outside of it. We always put a note in Discord for every pet and whenever this happened, there were two pet notifications for two different pets by two different players almost simultaneously. So I would also guess, this is caused by two players finishing a battle with a pet gnome very close together.

If I remember well, one player is getting copies of two different pets at once as shown on ALP´s screenshot, while the other one is “only” getting the one pet that is active for the whole guild. Impossible to tell if the first or the second one in this head to head race is awarded with two pets :grin:

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Along this line indeed, except I saw the Whelp (confirmed stage 8 reward), while Trogpole was the one my guildie saw (and matched the color of my pet food reward)
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