[Reported] Pet Notifications still saying the wrong name

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Hi @awryan,

And what pet showed up to rescue Arcanus Hound I suspect?
I have heard that this can be that at same time a guild member trigger a Pet rescue so there popup 2 different pet’s, but you can just rescue 1 in an hour it would be fair if Ogrikin stay in wait and after 60 minutes start the new Pet Rescue :heart_eyes_cat:

The notifications for Gray Maulkin and Moist Owlette are swapped 100% of the time. A notification for one indicates the other needs rescuing.


Sounds like the devs not really knowing what’s causing the bug and instead of trying to fix it they just chalk it up to anomaly. Meanwhile they make the pet rescue notification 100% misleading. Might as well just say “a pet rescue has been triggered.”

Unless of course 2 members started rescues at exactly the same time twice today. :person_shrugging:


Gems of War version:

In the case of a tie, at least tell the game to go with the newer pet.

+1. This bug is boring. On phone, we can’t know which pet is running. Notification is often wrong since Nexus release please, do your job and correct those notifications

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The incorrect notifications seem to be caused by killing more than one pet gnome in a single fight, during Gnome-a-Palooza. Each of them triggers a pet rescue, the notification shows the first, the game shows the last (or the other way around, it’s hard to tell).