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[REPORTED] Pet rescue giving different pets to members of the same guild ๐Ÿ˜•

Ok, so we just got a pet rescue in our guild.

Some members got Lilโ€™ Kerby, some got Eyelet :upside_down_face:

Guild of Gra on PS4. This happened at 21:17 UK time.

We already got that once. It might be because someone left a guild with a timer up and the guild had its own timer pet. Not sure if this is clear :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody had joined the guild hours before this happened. Doesnโ€™t explain why members who had been in the guild for months/years would get different pets.

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If this happens because you already have the summoned pet at mythic, then I would welcome the change!
It would be a GREAT change!


Iโ€™ve passed this on to our devs to look at again. <3