Has anyone seen a 1hour pet rescue for the Nexus pets yet?

I think the three Nexus pets should be in the drop pool for pet Gnomes but I don’t know anyone that has seen one yet.

Am I mistaken and they aren’t in the drop table yet?

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I don’t think they are in drop table yet as they are part of the Kingdom Pass. The devs want you to spend money on the Kingdom Pass in order to get the pet that way. Like most things it will be 2-3 months before it’s in the drop table.


I can’t find any information where pets would be time gated though.

The patch notes only mention the pet in the pass as available when Kingdom releases, which is several weeks ago.

  • Kingdom Pet: Royal Pass players will be able to earn enough copies of one of the new Kingdom’s Pet to ascend it to Mythic. This Pet will also be available as a scheduled Pet Rescue or via random Pet Gnome Rescue when the Kingdom releases.

Where have you seen that the other 2 pets Barkly & Moist Owlette would be time gated also?

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Back in the days when newly released pets got official news posts and grass was greener and smoke whiter, it was said there: available in rescues after 3-4 weeks.
If policy hasn’t changed since, it should still be the case.


Aha Ok fair enough. A bit misleading from the patch notes but what’s new.

So we are in week 3 tomorrow for Barkly, so maximum of next week. I’ll keep an eye out.

Given the buggy state of the game, it won’t surprise me to see posts months later to say they don’t appear in rotation.


Have heard of a Grey Malkin drop today.

And have seen in my guild a Moist Owlette today.



Barkly recue currently ongoing in my guild.


We got Moist Owlette in our guild today as well