[Reported] Moist Owelette/Gray Malkin Notifications

This is probably related to [Reported] Either the Gray Malkin notification is weeks late…or. Gray Malkin’s pet rescue notification is also wrong.

On Android, I’m receiving the wrong notifications when there are rescue notifications for Moist Owelette and Gray Malkin.

When there’s a Gray Malkin pet rescue, the notification says it’s Moist Owlette. And vice versa when it’s actually Moist Owlette, as mentioned in the linked bug report.



Seems to happen to other pets too. I’ve gotten a notification for Black Beast Kin which turned out to be Tiny Tentacle in-game.

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I have the same issue with Gray Malkin/Moist Owlette notifications.

I believe the issue with other pets happens only during Gnome-a-Palooza when someone kills 2+ Pet gnomes in 1 battle - the actual in-game pet rescue is triggered for the one of them and notification is send for the another.


This is indeed the correct answer. Happens consistently during GaPs with multiple Pet Gnomes.

I’ve never seen a battle (even in GaP) with two Pet Gnomes, but this morning I had an alert for a Gray Malkin pet rescue and thought “Great!”, except, when I went to the Games page, it was Moist Owlette which I already have maxed out.

Given that other people have also had this happen (instead of two entirely different Pets) there seems to be more to this bug, because it would be a very strange co-incidence for everyone to have exactly the same thing.

Still not fixed. This just happened 6 min before I posted this

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